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Vogue 8898 - My Butterflies are Free Summer Dress

 I saw this knit tucked in amongst the bolts of clearance fabric at my local Hancock Fabrics store a few months back and purchased the remaining 2-1/2 yards.  At only $3 per yard I thought the butterfly print would work well for a trendy summer dress. I wanted something simple and unfitted so I wouldn't need to wear "suck you in" undergarments when wearing the dress on hot, muggy summer days.  Vogue 8898 it was!  An easy pullover style with an asymmetrical detail I liked. I did zero alterations to the pattern. Although because of my curves I did lower the placement of the belt opening on the front by 1-1/2".  The "buttonhole" belt opening is on the front and back of the dress.  I finished the opening differently than the pattern instructions. I finished it with a small facing, turned it inside, top stitched it in place and trimmed the excess fabric inside the dress. I added a band to the neckline rather then turning under and top stitching p