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New year, new sewing, new changes

Welcome 2013!  Yea, yea, ...I know I'm already a week behind with the new year welcome.  But honestly the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 was a bit of blur.  You see I (like many others) was feeling under the weather. Not just a little mind you, but enough that I feel like three weeks of my life have gone missing.  Not only did I miss a few days of work ( which rarely happens ), but I missed all of the family Christmas celebrations (sob), cancelled all Zumba classes I was scheduled to teach ( like anyone would want to take a class from someone as sick as I was ), and the thought of sitting upright long enough to try and sew something brought me to tears. But all that is behind me now and I'm eagerly looking forward to a new year.  The best news of 2012 was my son learning that his doctor was very pleased with the results of his last MRI and felt confident that follow up MRIs could be done very six months instead of three.  Today he is health with no side affects.