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I LOVE being the queen...

Of course who doesn't? Just look at who's photo is on the front page of PatternReview today :-) Ah, it's good to be sewing queen for a day!

Happy National Punctuation Day!

In celebration of National Punctuation Day , take a few minutes during your lunch break to giggle over the postings on the Apostrophe Abuse site. Enjoy!

Good news, bad news, and weird news

BenInvite Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews Good news, bad news kinda day. Good news - received the coolest wedding invite in the mail. Second eldest son of my BFF is marrying his best friend next month. Isn't this a great wedding invite? I love that the invite is a postcard and that the front is a photo collage of the bride and groom-to-be while the back provides the details on where to show up and what time. Bad news - I have no idea what to wear! It's been so long since I've been invited to a wedding that I really don't know what to wear. And I'm now in the generation where I'm the parent's friend, not the bride or groom's friend. Well, in this case maybe more like an adopted aunt since I've known him since he was hanging out in his mommy's tummy waiting to enter the world. Good news - the wedding and reception will be held at "the caves " - a part of St. Paul history that I have never visited but is supposed to be fabulous. I

Rudy Gets a Transplant Book goes to Amy

Hey Amy ! You had super great odds on this one :-) Would you email me your mailing address at sewingbysharon AT gmail DOT com? I'll get this wonderful book on its way to you. When you read it, keep in mind that the author not only has undergone a kidney transplant due to juvenile diabetes, but has been blind since her teens. Yet her focus and her heart is on helping others. Is it any wonder I consider myself fortunate to know her? Click here to see a local news station talk to Stacey about organ donations as well as her book Rudy Gets a Transplant.