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Sew Craft Blog

If you read this blog through Bloglines (or another reader) you may not have noticed the "Sew Craft Blog" button on the left side of the blog. (And if you're in Bloglines you'll want to click through so you can see the blogs that are part of this group ... listed on the left side also) It's a new online community of creative and crafty (and talented) individuals that have been divided into groups of 15. The idea is to get to know others who share your interests and passions as well as to encourage one another. Want to learn more? Here 's the background information. I stumbled across the Sew Craft Blog almost right after it began and of course asked to join - I'm always up for meeting new people and reading new blogs - so I am in group number one. Group number two just closed with group number three currently being formed. Why in the world would I want to add even more blogs to my reading list? One reason is that I've discovered that creativity has

Vogue 8534 - a very easy vogue knit top pattern review

Take one hour of time and combine it with a yard and a half of knit fabric and what do you have? Why, a new knit top. Vogue 8534, size 12, rayon/lycra knit from Hancock Fabrics Vogue 8534 could possibly change this from a "very easy" rating to a "you won't believe how incredibly easy this is to sew" rating. At least for view A, which is the only one I sewed. Seriously, if you have to alter the pattern it will take you more time to do your alterations than it will to sew this top. For views A and B, there are only two pattern pieces. The front is cut on the fold and the back has a center back seam, which is nice to have for 1) shaping and 2) making a sway back adjustment. The neckline has two pleats on each side that release the fullness to the side front, and one inverted pleat that almost meets in the center front. (see photo below). What I didn't realize until I began sewing is that the top, as designed, has a unfinished neck edge. The stitching you see