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An Animal Print Wrap Jacket Vogue 8930 ~ AKA The One That Took Me Four Years to Sew :-)

Happy 2020!  I'm starting the new year - and new decade- by finishing some of my sewing WIPs. I had posted a YouTube video about two months ago sharing what I had to finish.  Figured if I went public I'd be more likely to finish.  Seems to be working as one is done! This wrap jacket is Vogue 8930 (and currently still in print). I love the BIG collar!  In fact, that's what attracted me to the pattern. The only drawback to this big collar it that is covers so much of the beautiful fabric. I'll probably scrunch it up more around my neck so it doesn't fall over my shoulder as much. Let's talk about this animal print fabric!  I bought it from Emma One Sock i n 2016.The poly/wool cheetah print was described as a "medium weight washable fleecy jacquard woven with a yarn-dyed cheetah design in rich and vivid tones of teal, mocha and black. It has a brushed, fleecy texture on the face and a flatter knit on the reverse, but the cheetah pattern is on both