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Fabric Friday

Guess where I've been? Hee, hee.... My favorite local fabric store - SR Harris Fabric Outlet. I need to learn to bring my own garbage bag with me.  The plastic bags they use aren't strong enough for the amount of fabric that came home with me. Let me pull some of these out so you can get a closer look. Silk jersey with a huge floral design A semi-sheer black/white/yellow silk A brightly colored patterned silk A flowy patterned silk Brown/white/pink large floral print knit Black with scattered circles knit Black/white floral print knit Black/white/silver stripe knit Black/gold (sparkles!) striped knit There was more but they're just solid colored wools. Yea, I didn't think you'd care to see those. So have I enticed you enough to consider joining me on Nov. 19 for the local PR Day celebration? I did  mention it will include fabric shopping at SR Harris, right? Oh, before I forget. I got the idea for "Fabric Friday" from Mena ( Sew W

The bag of swag from The Creative Connection

Well, The Creative Connection has come and gone.  All that's left are the memories and...the swag bag. Seriously people. I was only there for one day and look at all the goodies that came home with me. The best takeaway was the connections I made with some amazing women. This swag was just the icing on the cake. I'll share my experience at TCC with you later this week. In the meantime, mark your calendars, toss your pennies in a jar and plan on attending next year.  **************************************


Sometimes a gal's gotta get away from that sewing machine and whip up a batch of Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookies.  Mmmmmm.  Can't you just smell those freshly baked cookies dripping with hot chocolate. The good-looking ones get to be enjoyed by hubby's co-workers. The others? I'm not telling... ***************************************

PR Day in the USA (and beyond)

Hey Twin Cities!  and beyond... There's going to be a PR Day in the Twin Cities, Saturday, Nov. 19, to celebrate PatternReview's birthday - the big 1-0. Yep, PatternReview is turning 10. To celebrate all around the world PR members will be meeting up to celebrate sewing - and friendship. I just volunteered to coordinate this so nothing is firm yet. Some thoughts: Fabric shopping at SR Harris Fabric Outlet Show and tell Pattern and fabric swap Food ????? Leave me a comment if you this sounds like something you're interested in attending. And for sure leave me a comment (and send me an email: sewingbysharon at gmail dot com) if you want to help plan the day!  In the meantime fill out the poll advising which one you'll be attending. Not a PR member yet? Visit the site and sign up for the free membership. *********************************************************

Rusted but not forgotten

See this little rusted beauty? My father discovered it abandoned on the side of the road.  Tossed aside as a useless piece of rusted junk. He didn't see a piece of junk. He saw an old sewing machine, perfect for one of his daughter's "that sews". (Moi!) So he carted the discarded piece of junk home and lovingly cleaned her and oiled her. Imagine the stories this machine could tell! Who was her first owner? Was it a young bride? Was she a mother? Did she enjoy sewing or was it something she did because it was expected of her? Did she pass on the tradition to her daughter? Or her granddaughter? What were her treasured memories with this machine? Sigh...I'd love to know. It's not a working machine. Just the top part of the machine.  There is a metal plate with what appears to be a serial number giving a clue as to the year this Singer may have been made :  K261576. I'm not sure where it will be displayed but it will go definitely find a place