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Sew Like a Pro ~ The Future of Fashion Free Online Event

I want to share with you this online event "Sew Like a Pro - The Future of Fashion", hosted by bridal designer Chelsea Bussemier. The free event runs for two weeks and began on March 25. But that's okay, you can still sign up! You receive a new video presentation every day via email.  There is a wide range of topics from fabrics, to wardrobe planning, to machine embroidery, and more. I was delighted to be asked to speak on personal style and sewing!  Sewing and fashion have been two of my passions since I was a teen. Well, let's be honest. Probably before that age as I was always "designing" for my Barbie dolls when I was younger :-) My interview will be sent out the second week of the event (the week of April 4). I don't have the exact date yet.  Sign up here - PLUS, you can watch Suzan Lazier's interview style presentation on Fashion & Sustainability now ! Lazier is a professor of fashion at the Mesa College in San