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Quick and easy knit top - McCall's 4716

I am supposed to be working on a newsletter but I'm frustrated because I'm an Adobe InDesign gal and I'm struggling to lay the newsletter out in Quark (which is what the file was given to me in). To further complicate the matter, I'm not an experienced desktop publisher - I know enough to get by - and when I volunteered to help out I didn't realize I couldn't import the file into InDesign. But looking on the bright least I had a version of Quark available so I could actually work on the file. Anyway, I needed a break. I needed something fun to do. So of course I headed to the sewing room. I suppose I could have finished my Vintage Vogue jacket but I would have had to remove the black thread and rethread the machine with thread to match the lining. I know, I know, that's pretty lazy, but I will admit that rather than rethread the machine I choose to sew something that could be done with black thread. I settled on McCall's 4716 . I really like

Fabric purchases from Vogue Fabrics

The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo is over for this year. I was waiting to post my purchases from Vogue Fabrics as I had been eyeing one more piece of fabric. I decided against the fabric and used the money elsewhere. I said I would share my purchases with you and here they are: This black and white rayon challis print was purchased to make a dress using Vogue 8315. I originally thought I would add the underlayer with the wide lace trim, but I'm not sure I want to wear two layers of skirt. Although I wear a slip with everything so I guess there isn't much of a difference. I found this bold print in their "precut/premarked" section. It must be their remnants as the prices were less than the bolt prices. This piece, while very bold, caught my eye. It is vivid red flowers outlined in black on a silver background. It is a woven, with a touch of lycra, 2-3/4 yard and 60" wide. I purchased it to make another jean style jacket but decided to make a long sleeve versio