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Inside the big brown box brought by the boy in brown

Time to blog the big boy brown box! (*LOL* thanks Gwen !) Inside that 26 lb big brown box brought by the boy in brown was 42 yards of fabric. So much for stash reduction. I just added more yardage in this one purchase than I did in 2009. However, at $1.95/yard - less 30% (thank you !) - plus free shipping it didn't set me back too much. So what specific fabrics did I order? Left top to bottom: purple cotton voile, purple silk/rayon blend, chartreuse poly/cotton houndstooth suiting, fuchsia lambswool flannel suiting and cobalt wool blend boucle suiting. Right top to bottom: deep navy (almost black) poly/acetate/cotton jacquard circles, black polyester crepe, black stretch lightweight wool suiting, cream jersey knit, nude jersey knit and ivory wool blend boucle suiting. So what am I going to do with them? Other than fondle them and dream of the possibilities, I actually have a few garments in mind. Ivory boucle suiting - perhaps a Chanel type jacket ala McCall&#

The man in brown brought the big brown box

Say that three times fast! In case you're wondering, this is what 26 lbs of fabric looks like. *LOL* And (shock) it's not from Fabric Mart Fabrics. It's from Fabric dot com. I haven't purchased from them in over six years. It was the recent $1.95 / yard Vera Wang fabric markdowns that did me in. Quality fabrics (for a steal) along with great customer service. Ha! Take that Hancock Fabrics.

1-1/2 yards please and by the way, how much was that?

Another post about Hancock Fabrics ( sorry! ). Don't they realize I'm on their side? But they're making it hard, very hard indeed. Let me tell you my little story. Stopped at Hancock Fabrics recently to spend a gift certificate. After selecting patterns and buttons I wandered into the fabric section. Tried not to get too excited, but they had their wools marked down - 50% off. Yes! In an effort to be thoughtful with my purchases, I carefully selected my fabrics with specific items in mind. Went to the cutting table just as another customer was finishing. Placed one bolt on the cutting table as I patiently waited for the clerk to finish clearing the cutting table. Another customer arrived after me and asked clerk if anyone else was cutting, to which she replied no, it's just me and I have to have this cleared off before I can start cutting or I could cut things wrong. Oooooo-kay. Once she was ready I handed her my first bolt and told her how much I wanted. I pulled o

Go Purple! or McCall's 6036 tee shirt pattern review

Just thought it appropriate to post something purple. After all, as I write this (very quickly I might add) the Vikings are playing to determine if they will indeed be in the Superbowl. This tee-shirt was sewn using a new release from McCall's. It's McCall's 6036 , one of their " Make it Craft y" patterns. It's a basic scoop neck tee or tank with fabric embellishments, such as ruffles, flowers or lace appliques. Of course I didn't need a t-shirt pattern, and yes, I could have figured out the embellishments on my own, but yet I purchased it when it was under a dollar. It's a basic tee, nothing special about the construction process. There were a few things I did that were not included in the instructions. I stablized the shoulder seams with clear elastic. Rather than sew a 5/8" narrow hem at the neckline, per the instructions, I serged clear elastic onto the wrong side of the neck edge... ...turned the edge under and stitched in place. I wasn&#