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BurdaStyle 07/2018 #120 Pants with Embellished Bottom Bands

"I need these midi-length pants!" That was my immediate reaction when I saw these.  Look at the details!  The length, the slight flare, the pocket detail, the side zip, the narrow waistband. All of these spell winner in my book. Here's the line drawing. I was especially intrigued by the idea of using the bottom portion of the pants as a design feature. Because it is stitched to the pants separately it was easy to come up with a variety of ideas.   Here's some of my sketches. On my first pair I used a sheer embellished fabric for the bottom. I debated whether or not to use it as a sheer or as an overlay on the black fabric.  After consulting my incredibly fashion-savvy friend (hey Jude! I'm talking about you!) I left it sheer.  I really love it!  I think wearing it with flats helps tone down the "fancy". Next I started working on a denim pair.  I inserted floating rick-rack in the seam between the leg and bottom portion.  But before I c