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Cashmerette Appleton Dress - Two Knit Wrap Dresses with Multi Cup Sizing

Almost exactly one year ago, Cashmerette introduced their new size range with the release of the popular Appleton dress in sizes 0-16 .  Before the release, they had asked if I'd be interested in sewing the dress to help promote the new size range.  Um, yes!  Maybe you've heard this fashion advise before: "Wrap dresses are flattering on everyone, especially large busted woman."  I disagree! When I was a small (haha!) D-cup I did find wrap dresses to be flattering. Now that I'm much larger than that, I have found they can be tricky to wear.  As often as I've done full bust adjustments on patterns, I have never perfected the FBA on a wrap top or dress. I liked the void that Cashmerette filled in the sewing community - larger sizing and bust cup options.  I had often looked at their patterns, but knew I needed to start with a smaller size than what they offered and I didn't want to mess with grading.   That's why I was intrigued when I learned they we