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Back to Basics - Seam Finishes

If you've ever sewn something you love, only to have it fall apart at the seams, you've likely already learned about the importance of finishing your seams. As many of you know, I'm a self-taught sewer. Neither my mother or grandmother sat me at their knee while I was a young 'un and taught me the secrets of sewing. Nope, I learned through trial and error. I learned the importance of finishing seams many years ago when a cotton skirt I had spent hours sewing came apart at the seams after a few washings. The seams had simply unraveled to the point where the thread no longer had anything to hold together. Until that point, I had no idea you needed to finish seams when you sewed something. The pattern instructions certainly didn’t mention it. Now, when I teach others to sew, one of the first things discussed is how to finish a seam edge. Because I own a serger I will usually serge finish my seams. But what do you do if you don't have a serger handy? This is how I finis

I'm grateful for...

A heated home and car! Because it is bitterly cold outside. Coming off of a busy weekend that didn't go as planned I woke up this morning grateful for a home with a working furnace and enough money to pay to use that furnace. You see, our neighbors had their furnace go out Saturday morning, right before they were leaving to spend a few days with some family members. They had it serviced and we both commented on what a good thing it was that it went out before they left. It was a bit selfish on our part because we had agreed to keep an eye on their home for them and we would have had to deal with the service call. Well, lo and behold this morning we noticed a certain light was on at their house. The light that notifies us that their heat is below a certain set point. Sure enough, their furnace had gone out again. Service was called and of course, the only time they will provide is between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. So here's the other blessing in disguise. My husband threw his back out y

One little nightgown hanging on a hook...

...only four more to go. Pajamas, not nightgowns. It certainly would be easier if they were all nightgowns as this one was done in 1-1/2 hours start to finish. Girl's flannel nightgown This was sewn using my fave children's pj pattern - New Look 6746 . Yes, I realize there is no nightgown included with this pattern. But with the design of the girl's pajama top it's a snap to turn this into a nightgown. Simply place the pajama pants pattern piece on top of the lower bodice skirt pattern piece matching the waist markings. Now you know how long to extend the top to turn it into a nightgown. Collar pressing The little Peter Pan collar is adorable. Before you turn the collar right side out, press that inside seam flat. I know, it's a challenge to press those tiny little curves and it seems like a waste of time when the seam will be completely enclosed anyway. However, if you take the time to do this step you'll have a nice, sharp edge on the collar. Well wort