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Pardon me while I share my excitment with you

See this magazine? Recognize this face? Or maybe this name? Yep. That's my name and photo right there in color in the latest Sew News magazine. I'm a contributor to the May/June 2011 issue. Next to incredibly talented sewing super stars. That's one reason I didn't have much to share with you during these past months. I was indeed busy sewing but I was sewing projects and writing instructions for Sew News and Sew It All Volume 3, which I believe is scheduled to come out late 2011.  Woot!  Super excited here.  Being published in a magazine has been a dream of mine for sometime. When this issue arrived I flipped through as quickly as I could to see the cover-up in print.  They sure do a nice job with photos and layout if I do say so myself. I'm doubly excited for my next project, which won't appear until the October/November 2011 issue.  You helped me with fabric choices way back in January .  I kept the deep plum purple but didn't use

What color goes with gray skies?

Why orange of course.  A bright orange pencil skirt with a small ruffle at the hemline. The perfect pick-me-up for the dreary spring we've been experiencing. The pattern is Simplicity 2343, a "6 made easy" design. Basically it's a pencil skirt with a few different design details. Watch the length on this one - a few views are rather short. I used the longer view with the kick-pleat. That lower ruffle is designed to be one continuous circular piece that is gathered and sewn to the hem of the shorter skirt. Obviously with a kick pleat that wasn't going to work so I simply cut the ruffle at the center back, finished it with a narrow hem and matched the back edge to the finished back opening of the kick pleat. As my usual MO I inserted an invisible zipper.   I almost had to go with the ole' centered zipper application as I didn't think I had an invisible orange zipper in my stash.  Whew! Found one - expect it was way too long.  I added a barta

Still sewing - McCall's 6282 knit top review

I'm still here and still sewing.   Not too much but a few things here or there. Need proof? Okay, here's a knit top sewn from McCall's 6282 , a Palmer / Pletsch design. McCall's 6282 lined knit top I was surprised to discover that this top (or dress) is completely lined.  After sewing this I can tell you the lining isn't required.  The lining actually hangs free and is tacked to the top at the lower edge of the side seams. As far as sewing goes? I've yet to have a problem with a Palmer / Pletsch pattern from McCall's. The fit is spot-on and the instructions accurate and detailed. The instructions on this one jumped around a bit making it look more difficult to sew than it actually was.   I don't know why McCall's includes zipper instructions for knit dresses and tops, but there's no need for one in this design. Unless you choose a more stable knit, then I doubt you'd get the drape and side gather look you'd like. Those sid