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National Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive today

Today, before you settle down at your sewing machine, take a few minutes to pull together a food donation for the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive . Place it by your mail box, or wherever your mail is picked up, and your postal carrier will pick it up and donate it as part of their annual food drive. We' re all struggling a bit right now - some more than others - and this is a simple way to help you can help out those might need a little extra help making it through these tough economic times. You can read more about the food drive here .

Sewing gift tags

As I've been going through the huge stash of patterns in my possession ( I swear they multiply overnight...I think I need to set up a surveillance camera for proof ) I've been pulling out those I know I won't use. I've sent a few boxes to PatternRescue and I've begun placing others in my Etsy shop ( named Abby + Sophia...hmmm, wonder how I came up with that name? LOL ) . Inspired by the beautiful work that Charity at Vintage Threads creates, rather than toss the patterns that were incomplete I decided to use the artwork to make cards and tags. So tonight after work, instead of sewing my 50s era dress for next week's RetroRama , I completed the first step in a set sewing gift tags. Add a few more paper layers are needed, punch a hole at the top, and add some vintage ric-rac or buttons and the tags will be done.