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Simplicity 8383 - Knit Floral Trapeze Dress

Tutleneck + no sleeves = love.  I have a thing for sleeveless turtlenecks.  I'm not sure why, because turtlenecks, even mock turtlenecks, aren't necessarily the most flattering look on me.  Maybe in my mind I still look like I did in my younger days when I rocked that look.  No matter what the reason, my love of sleeveless turtlenecks drew me to this pattern - Simplicity 8383. The pattern is a trapeze dress with options of a mock turtleneck (the version I sewed), a scoop neck, sleeveless or cold shoulder sleeves. The pattern is designed for knits. I choose a floral knit I found at Hobby Lobby (which I recently discovered. Guess where I now buy my Simplicity patterns on sale for 99 cents?).  Even though the fabric base is black, the pink flowers said "hello summer!" The dress has a center back seam and an invisible zipper closure on the version I sewed. Because the mock turtleneck is folded in half lengthwise and sewn to the neck edge of the dress bef

Burda 6906 - Floral Wide Leg Pants

"Wow, those sure are...uh, colorful!"   First words out of hubby's mouth when I modeled my new pants for him.  Quickly followed by "Those fit you really well!"  He sure knows how to sweet talk :-) Are they colorful? Not really. White, black, tan, and red - all classic colors in my opinion.   So what if all four colors are thrown together in one print? When Hancock Fabrics had their going out of business sale (was that only a year ago?!?) I picked up a few Burda patterns, including Burda 6906, a pattern for wide-leg pants.  The suggested fabrics are viscose-rayon  and crepe fabrics.  I settled on the polyester floral print (also purchased at Hancock Fabrics). Burda 6906 has a wide yoke which gives it a nice sleek front and back and allows the fullness of the pants to fall from the hipline. The front yoke comes to a V at the center front, with optional piping (which I choose not to add this time). Here's the back view. I can now see I didn't