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Kwik Sew 2874 - Baseball Style Pullover TAKE THREE

  Three times a charm!  Almost. A quick recap. My inspiration was this to Milly luxe baseball tee I saw on the Neiman Marcus website. Using this pattern, Kwik Sew 2874 Take One was blogged about here and Take Two was blogged about here. After Take Two I decided to remove about an inch vertically in the upper chest area.  To do so I simply folded the front pattern piece and trued the seam line (the red line in the image). For Take Three I used a silver knit on the front and neck band and the balance was black. I even changed the thread colors when stitching the collar so the finish would look nice. Almost there, almost there.  As you can see this one is much too tight in the bustline. BUT the silver knit did not have the amount of stretch that the knits I used in my first two samples had.  And the beautiful sequin knit (from Mood Fabrics) that I plan to use for my

Sewing Break - and more importantly a break from the WORST WINTER EVER!

Those of you that have been in the midst of the worst winter ever certainly didn't need the misery index put out by the National Weather Service to confirm what we already knew...this has been a miserable winter.  So when a  last-minute opportunity come up to escape the bitter cold and ice and enjoy the warmth and sun in Ft Myers, Fla., hubby and I grabbed it and didn't look back. For a few days we forgot about donning long underwear, down coats, hats, gloves, mittens and boots (sometimes just to go to the mailbox, ha! ha!), hazardous driving conditions, and just plain being chilled to the bone and enjoyed some fun in the sun.  And by fun I mean sitting in our beach chairs, sipping alcoholic beverages, and soaking up the sun's rays. Okay, okay, we drank water also...and played some mini-golf...and visited relatives in  Sebrig, Fla...and ate a Waffle House that made the news the day after we were there because of am armed robbery (yikes!) We've been back to re