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I accept the challenge - here's the "real" sewing room

First it was Stacy from Stacy Sews , then it was Stephanie from Stephanie Sews , so I guess its time for Sharon from Sharon Sews (do you see the pattern here?) What did they do? Showed their sewing room/space - mess and all. Now remember I shared by sewing space with you a while back? It was tidy, neat, and organized. That's because I *gasp* straighted it up before I took the photos (I bet you couldn't tell, right?) So, I accept Stephanie's challenge and I'll show my sewing room. Right after reading her blog entry, I took photos of my sewing room in its current state. I challenge you to do the same! Once you're done reading, take photos of your sewing room/space and post them to your blog and let me know so I can see them! Okay, here goes: As you enter my room, this is what you see. The shelves hold books, patterns, sewing notes, alteration/mending projects, and a few cut out projects. The totes next to the shelves hold some of my overflowing pattern collection. Th

So what happened to my long weekend filled with sewing?

Can it really be Monday evening already? It seems as if it was just Friday evening. My darling hubby was on the bus with the ski club on his way to enjoy three days of nothing but downhill skiing. I was gearing up to spend three glorious days in my sewing room only coming out to feed the dog (and myself of course.) But now I realize it is Monday evening and do you know how much sewing I completed? None, naught, nada, zilch, zero, nothing! And it wasn't as if I was sitting around eating chocolates while watching the television. (Because I don't watch television while eating chocolates...I read a good book!) So, where did my time go? Knit Out 2007 at the Mall of America on Saturday. My girlfriend, her daughter, my daughter and I all spent time standing in lines to get our free stuff. After a hour or so my daughter and I went off on our own. We enjoyed lunch together and then she did a little spring shopping. She is in love with the new spring dress styles. Saturday night - the bo