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Happy 2008! And sew it begins - resolutions made, resolutions broken

Happy New Year! I suppose I could begin my first post of the new year by creating a photo collage of my 2007 projects ala Erica and Christina , but that would mean I would have had to keep my photos and projects organized in some logical fashion and that just didn't happen. 2008 Sewing Resolutions Guess that means I now have a resolution for 2008 - track my 2008 sewing projects in an organized and logical manner. And as long as I'm tracking them, I think I'll discipline myself to work on only one project at a time - start to completion - so that I don't lose interest in one or the other and create another UFO. And as long as I'm only working on one project at a time I think I'll not waste my precious sewing time using low-quality fabric. Broken Resolutions Uh, oops. Here it is, not even the end of the first day of 2008, and I've already broken my resolution to not waste my sewing time sewing with low-quality fabrics. I sewed on three yards of crappy cotton k

Tutorial: How to Sew Bean Bags

Another last minute Christmas gift was this set of fleece bean bags intended for use at football tailgating parties. My son's girlfriend asked if I would sew a new set of bean bags for my son since the last set I sewed for him was given to a previous roommate. Apparently bean bag toss is a trendy game - who knew? Well, obviously not me. No pattern used (or needed) for this set of bean bags. This set of eight - four for each team - measure 5-1/2" x 5-1/2". I would have liked to have made them 6" x 6" but when my son's girlfriend purchased the fabric they sold her 6" strips. And, in typical Joann's fashion, there wasn't a fraction of an inch to spare *sigh*. Want to make your own set? Here's a quick tutorial on how to sew bean bags. Materials Needed * Fleece - pattern number one - 6" strip. * Fleece - pattern number two - 6" strip. * Flannel - for inside - scraps or (2) 6" strip. * Beans (We used 6 lbs for eight bean bags) Step

The finished pj's from the flannel factory

The flannel pajamas were all completed in time for Christmas gift giving and were well received least by the parents! Flannel Pajamas Size M (12 months) The infant's pair was sewn using an out of print (OOP) pattern - Simplicity 9782, c. 2001 - out of an adorable baby blue flannel monkey print. The pj top is a kimono style top that fastens with velcro; the pj bottoms have an elastic waist and a nice wide facing at the hem. This set also includes a matching flannel hat. This little set was the easiest to sew, requiring only an hour of my time. Flannel Pajamas Size 1 and 2 I used McCall's 5503 for all three toddlers as this pattern includes both a girl's and a boy's pajama pattern. (Full review is on Patternreview .) The ruffle along the yoke front and sleeve hems adds a cute girly touch to these flannel pj's for a one-year-old. The Blues Clues was chosen because it says "too cute for words" and my husband thought the saying was appropriate for the