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Angles, Folds and Plaids - Asymmetrical skirt from Stitch 2008

In 2008 a new sewing magazine -   Stitch - hit the stands. If you knew my weakness for magazines you would understand why I had to purchase a copy.Well, that and the fact that the cover skirt looked rather intriguing.  I mean, look at the great design details. Asymmetrical lines, contrasting facing peeking out, fabric folded and held in place with buttons. Within days of bringing the magazine home I had traced out the skirt pattern. My eagerness to sew the skirt faded as newer patterns and projects cut in line ahead of the this skirt. Now, more than two years later I finally remembered this skirt and got down to some sewing. I'm liking the subtle plaid fabric with black for the facings and buttons, keeping it more suitable for the office. I'm also liking the angles and folds on the side front of the skirt. But I gotta tell ya, it's got an odd fit this one.  I thought it was designed to sit at the waist so I cut and sewed it just as drafted.  But once I was finis

Cute overload

I'm not really one to purchase Christmas and holiday themed fabrics.  Probably because I typically concentrate on garment sewing for moi. But I had an idea for a gift that required some green Christmas theme fabric.  With zero such fabrics in the stash collection I eagerly envisioned a trip to Treadle Yard Goods . Even knowing I had missed the Black Friday weekend sale I suspected I'd find some cute holiday prints at that store.  Not only did I find cute prints but they were still on sale - 50% off these cuties.  Cute holiday fabrics overload, right? My favorite?  The reindeer with names.  Wait till you see what I'm using this one for - it might be a bit unexpected. *********************************************

Should I or shouldn't I?

I don't know about you but I've been bombarded all day with email after email after email tempting me with "Cyber Monday" specials.  Ten percent off this, 20 percent off that, get this free if you buy that, free shipping...the list goes on. So question is, should I or shouldn't I? The fabric sales called out to me and I even peeked at the online offerings. But one look at my stored fabric drew me back to reality as I realized I already have a dream wardrobe just waiting to be sewn. Of course the 25 percent off shoe sale at DSW was an interesting one as I do love new shoes. Even more so when I can find a good deal. But do I really need any more? Nah, not really. One that really tempted me was the Vogue ($3.99)  Butterick ($1.99) and McCall's ($1.99) pattern sale. Did you notice the sale prices? Yep, the same price as when they're on sale at the local fabric stores. Not only that but I wouldn't have to drive to any store hoping the ones I want a

Weekend Wrap up

Whew.  Why is it that four day weekends seem to fly by faster than the usual two day weekends? Is it the anticipation of four days in which to accomplish a multitude of tasks? No matter what the reason I find myself at the computer pondering where the past 5,460 minutes went.   Thanksgiving Thursday Actually I guess it would have been a three day weekend - only 4,320 minutes - because Thursday was spent celebrating Thanksgiving with family.  That's just a day of fun! Unfortunately, my daughter was getting over a nasty cold and she choose to stay away from the family celebration due to my son's weakened immune system. After six months of chemo treatments he's reached the point where his blood counts are very, very low. Low enough to require a transfusion and the delay of this last round of chemo.  She didn't want to risk exposing him to something that his body couldn't fight off. Black Friday shopping None for me thank-you-very-much. I've worked full-