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I'm a "Sellsumer" or extending my 15 minutes of fame

"A recession-induced need for cash, and an ever-growing infrastructure enabling individuals to act as (part-time) entrepreneurs, are fueling concepts that help ordinary consumers make money instead of just spending it. "Sellsumers" If saving is the new spending, then selling is the new saving. At least that's what the latest report says. In a nutshell, the report talks about how the various and often ingenious ways people have found to generate secondary income. This is the sellsumer trend, not to be confused with the spiking ongoing trend of "starting a business as a primary source of income." According to the report, Etsy is the "sellsumer-posterchild". I am an Etsy seller. Therefore I am a sellsumer. And I can prove it. Are you ready? Here comes my shameless attempt at extending my 15 minutes of fame. First Magazine mentioned me in the article " Transform your clutter into $3,000 "! Now before you go any furt

Teenage sewing entrepreneuer shares her love of sewing

It's always thrilling to see talented young people enter the world of sewing. And let me tell you, Sara Trail is one talented young woman! This 14-year-old already started her own sewing business and has now branched out into the world of teaching via book and DVDs. Her video clip, which promotes her sewing DVD, shows a self-confident teen with a vibrant personality. Full of energy and eager to share her love of sewing. According to C&T Publishing, Trail "started helping her mother quilt at age 4, and now quilts, teaches sewing, and sews custom clothing for herself and her growing clientele. " You can read more about Trail and find out about her book and DVD here .

Sewing Studio Sunday - round two

Sewing Studio Sunday, with Julie (and whoever else wants to join us) was supposed to be a monthly thing, but it hasn't happened since Jan . Between our busy schedules we just couldn't seem to come up with a day that worked for both of us. Until today. Julie arrived with her sewing machine and latest project in hand - Vogue 8522 . The pattern is her first attempt at garment sewing and is a trendy one-button cropped jacket with short kimono sleeves, a shawl collar and lining. I had no idea what she had decided to purchase until she arrived. She pulled her pattern and fabrics out of the bag and told me how helpful everyone at the fabric store had been. They were pretty excited when she explained this was to be her first article of clothing. She had entered a Hancock Fabrics envisioning purchasing striped fabric for her new jacket. Fortunately the saleswoman, when she learned this was her first jacket, explained that a solid color might be a better choice this time around