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An Easy-to-Sew Mermaid Maxi from Tie Dye Diva

One hour + knit fabric + Mermaid Maxi pattern = A fabulous maxi skirt! Last weekend I found myself with an extra hour on hand. ( What a blessing that was! Does anyone else find their life over scheduled at times?!?)  Of course I filled that time with sewing, and was able to cut out and sew thi s maxi skirt in just over an hour. The pattern is the Mermaid Maxi  and it includes a slim, straight view (the one I sewed) as well as a "Mermaid" flared view, with options of gathered pockets, flat pockets, or no pockets at all. The pattern comes in 14 sizes to fit 34" to 55" hips.  I especially like that this skirt has front and side panels as I think it makes for a very flattering skirt. I choose to sew the straight maxi with the side front walking slit and gathered pockets. I love this fabric!  It's a double brushed knit I purchased from Sly Fox Fabrics .  It feels wonderful, drapes beautifully, and was a dream to sew.  Unfortunately I forgot how difficult