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The heatwave continues and I have NO SUNDRESSES!

I did a parade this morning. - with temperatures in the mid 90s and a heat index over 100 degrees - and came back wilted. Thank goodness this wasn't one that I needed to be in full clown make up for! The first thing I did when I came home was to peel off my t-shirt and shorts and look for something loose fitting, comfortable (and preferably made from natural fibers) to put on. A cotton sundress would be perfect. That's when I realized I have absolutely no sundresses in my wardrobe. I used to live in sundresses during the summer months. What happened? How did I slowly let them slip from my day to day wardrobe? I don't know the answers, but with temperatures predicted to remain in the upper 90s and possibly low 100s (extremely rare), the no sundress in the closet syndrome is changing tonight!

More patterns purchased for the pattern collection

Actually, I hope to sew these and not just add them to my rapidly growing collection. I began calling it a collection about a year ago so I could justify the fact that I buy sewing patterns and never use them. After all, many collections aren't items that are used. They are items that are purchased for the sheer pleasure of looking at them. Joann's had Simplicity patterns on sale for $1.99 so I stopped by this evening to see if they had the new fall patterns out. I noticed they were up on their website the other day and a few really caught my eye. There appears to be a "new" line of retro patterns and I had hoped to pick up 4044 and 4047 . 4044 is a colletion of separates and I am drawn to the shape of the shoulder/yoke and sleeve cap on the jacket. I also like the waistline on the skirt and pant. Now that my exercise routine is starting to show results (very minor, but still results) I think I would be comfortable wearing a skirt with that waistline. 404 7 is anoth

The Seventies, Sewing and Survival of the Barbie Doll Clothes

I don't know about you, but my weekends fly by. The precious little free time I had this weekend was not spent sewing. It was spent getting rid of "stuff". Maybe you don't have that problem, but I admit it, I am a packrat - kinda. I don't mean to be. It just kinda creeps up on me (and I am certain that sewing items multiply overnight when the sewing room door is closed...) So this weekend was spent cleaning, purging and organizing. Of course that means opening boxes that haven't been opened in awhile, digging to the back of closets and pulling out paperwork from file cabinets. The best way to do this is with a blind fold on, because once you start looking into boxes, the memories begin and the resolve to "just get rid of it" begins to fade. I came across one of my Barbie doll clothing patterns. This was one of the Barbie wardrobe patterns that I "designed" myself back in junior high. By this time I already had a thriving business of sewing