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Lions, tigers and ... zebras?

I'm not ashamed to admit it. I like animal prints. Usually it's leopard print. Last year it was a cheetah print. This year it's zebra. When I stumbled across this knit remnant I purchased it to use as a muslin for a one yard wonder book submissions idea I'd been working one. With no time to experiment due to the recent turn of events (i.e. our son's brain cancer) I choose instead to whip up a knit top from McCall's 6078 . The top isn't as form fitting as the cover photos or back illustrations would lead you to believe, so keep that in mind when you sew yours. A cowl neck and animal print - sigh - two pluses in my opinion. I thought maybe I'd also sew a jacket or skirt from this zebra print woven fabric I bought last year and pair the top and jacket and skirt with my zebra print shoes. That's be nice and coordinated don't you think? Ha! Gotcha! Just wanted you to know that we may have a brain cancer battle on our hands but we still manage to l