Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chilly weather ahead - McCall's 5987 coat pattern review

We've been blessed with quite mild weather so far this fall season. Mild enough that we do not yet have snow on the ground, nor have we had to break out the heavy wool coats, leather gloves and winter boots.

This coat -McCall's 5987 - is perfect for this mild weather. It is unlined, does not have any closures, and has an attached collar that doubles as a scarf to make a fashion statement.

The collar can be worn down, tied in front or tossed over one shoulder. With no front closure, I find tying the scarf helps keep the coat closed

McCalls 5987 Coat

While the coat went together very quickly (there are only six pattern pieces and it is unlined) I found it to run large. This coat is a size 12 with no pattern adjustments and I found it to be too big. If I sewed another one for myself I would go down one size. If you're thinking about sewing this I'd suggest measuring the pattern first, something I did not do.

The fabric was a lovely wool that had been in a wool bundle ordered from Fabric Mart. Oh, how I hope they do wool bundles again! This particular piece I remember pulling out and thinking "oh shoot, that color looks horrible on me. I'll never use this one." Only to pull it out when I saw this pattern realizing it was the perfect weight and the color would be just fine for a coat.

There are pockets in the side seams. The cutting directions have you cut these out of the coat fabric. I choose lining fabric to eliminate bulk.

McCall's 5987 in seam pocket

All edges of the coat are finished with 5/8" narrow hem. This was the part I dreaded most, but I found the fabric I used pressed beautifully making this step a breeze!

And of course there are corners on the collar and front edges where I mitered the corners using this technique.

McCalls 5987 Coat mitered corners

I also attached the collar to the neck edge slightly different than they way the pattern instructions are written. Once I sewed the collar to the neck edge (right sides up) I carefully trimmed away part of the coat neck edge seam allowance.

McCalls 5987 trim neck edge

By eliminating that extra bulk I was able to easily turn under the edge of the seam and top stitch it in place.

McCalls 5987 inside neck edge finish

Here's a view of the collar where it is attached to the center back neck of the coat. The center back seam in the collar is finished by turning under 1/4" on the edges and top stitching in place.

McCalls 5987 Coat collar attached to coat

Even though this coat is rather large on me, I find the overall design to be stylish and a great alternative to a fleece or jean jacket when running errands on the weekend.

McCalls 5987 Coat with attached scarf collar

Overall it's a super quick, stylish coat. Sew it now while the silhouette is still popular.

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  1. It looks lovely on you. Great with that scarf collar.

  2. Very classy and stylish.

  3. Wow, those seam finishes are really nice! The coat looks great - hope the mild winter continues so you can get some more wear out of it!

  4. Of course I have that pattern too, and just love it. Only problem is I can't find the right fabric to make it in. You did a fantastic job!

  5. That's a very chic coat. You have really been on a sewing marathon! Keep it going!

  6. I love that coat. Thank you for showing it to us. It may be the perfect coat for a cold Australian Winter. Must remember this one...

  7. I fully agree that this is a perfect coat for Australian winters. Most of the Burda coats are too heavy for our milder climate. And even if it wasn't I love simple elegance.

  8. Beautiful coat! I love the way you finish the seams. And yes, this style is in at the moment, and good so since it is so comfortable.

  9. I love it. You always finish things so nicely!!!

  10. very stylish and nicely finished

  11. Beatiful coat and great finishing!

  12. Since we don't wear coats here in SoFlo it's fun for me to watch everyone make their winter clothing. Cute jacket! I love the finished look. I often change the way they do things in the pattern instructions because they just don't do the finished look I like.

    Enjoy your sewing moments!

  13. Sharon, how did I miss this? Absolutely beautiful and classy

  14. Omg...I'm a new sewer and pouted so much because of huge it fitted on me. I felt like a little girl playing in her moms closet. Is there anyway it can be fixed you think ?



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