Monday, January 18, 2010

McCall's 5815 Jacket and 5984 Skirt

Well, the new year sewing may have started out with a big bang, but it sure fizzled quickly! However, I did finally complete the skirt to go along with that fabulous gray striped jacket I recently finished. (Post here.)

By the way, thank you ALL who posted a comment on that jacket. Believe me, I love seeing your comments! They warm my heart and I feel just a little bit like Sally Fields at the 1985 Academy Awards "You like me, you really like me" or in this case my jacket, but that's okay.

By the way, did you know that "You like me, you really like me" isn't actually the quote? It's true - check out the Wikipedia entry.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I do try and respond to your comments (if you're email is given) but life got in the way this time (as it often does) and other things besides computers, blogging and sewing stole away my free time.

Better late than never. As promised here's the jacket and skirt being worn. No head shots as I don't wear the "shaggy dog" look very well. Isn't it amazing how sometimes you look in the mirror and think all is well, but you see a photo and say to yourself "what?!? I went out in public looking like that?" LOL - I was two weeks overdue for a hair cut when I took these photos and it showed.

I'm sure you care more about the jacket than my mug. It's okay, you can admit it.

So here goes. A reminder that this was sewn using McCall's 5815. Here's a semi-side shot so you can see the collar.

The jacket and skirt together - with red shoes. I love all my red shoes but these are current favorites.
Another jacket and skirt shot. The stripes almost line up between the jacket and skirt. Cool huh?

Here's the look-at-the-wrist shot so you can see the wide sleeve with the slit.

And another jacket and skirt shot. Now this skirt is lined with the same silk as the jacket, but it still got hung up on my tights.

Here's the skirt my itself. If you remember, this is McCall's 5984 - the pattern I used for my little black skirt (LBS). (See this post.) I did a pretty good job at matching the stripes between the yoke and the skirt itself if I do say so myself.

Here I paired the skirt with these great stretch fabric boots. These are the most comfortable pair of boots I've ever owned. They're from DSW (love that place!) and I tried to buy all the other colors as soon as I wore these the first time, but they were already sold out.

And one final closeup of the jacket . It's a bit low so I've added a lace trimmed cami underneath.

I still need to complete the review of the jacket and expect to post that in a few days. The fabric is a poly blend suiting fabric from Hancock Fabrics, a store that I'm becoming more and more hesitant to shop at.

Remember the yellow label post before Christmas? (See posts here) Well, I did indeed speak to the VP of Operations and I want to share what he shared with me, but a new annoyance popped up yesterday. Stay tuned as my next post will be my thoughts about Hancock Fabrics. Pin It


  1. You look absolutely stunning. What a great detail...I really want that jacket, not sue if I can make it like yours though....Beautiful

  2. What a wonderful outfit. You do such amazing work. Thanks for all the great photos.

  3. That is a gorgeous suit!!! It is so professional looking. Well done!!!

  4. That is a suit that can go ANYWHERE! Take it out and show it a good time!

  5. Very chic. Love the red shoes.

  6. Wowzers, that whole entire outfit is awesome! I luv pinstripes, but I am not ready to ruin such great fabric, lol.
    I'm looking forward to ur post on Hancock, I've been "rung up wrong" twice already and my nearest location is 17 measly miles from me. Those yellow tags are annoying. I purchased several yards of elastic on last week, guess where the yellow lable went,...on the back of my hand.....

  7. Fantastic suit, I love it and each piece can be worn on it's own too so you will get tons of wear out f this I am sure.

  8. Gorgeous suit! You did a great job! And i love you red shoes, too :-)

  9. Wow! That is an amazing suit! Great job!!

  10. Wow! That is an amazing suit! Great job!!

  11. What a sharp suit! Professional with a fashion forward flare ~ I'm loving it!

  12. Superbly Fantastical !

  13. Very nice! And you're right, it is very cool how the stripes pretty much line up. Bet you wouldn't get that in RTW!!

  14. What a beautiful suit. It is wonderfully smart looking but also very modern and stylish. I love the stripes and how you have cut them on the pockets and lapels. Amazing work!



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