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Vogue 8817 Color Blocked Tunic Versions Three, Four, and Five

"How many more tunics do you want me to sew for you?" I eagerly asked my daughter after sewing three. I mean, the kid never wanted me to sew for her once she reached her teen years, so I have years of catching up to do!

"Um, Mom, I think I have enough now," she replied with a laugh.  
Three versions of Vogue 8817 Knit Tunic on Sharon Sews Blog
I first sewed myself a version of this color blocked tunic in January 2013, soon after the pattern was released. (Blog post here). My daughter liked it and asked for one, so naturally I obliged. (Blog post here).

Every time she wore her tunic she received compliments and recently asked me to sew her more. I might have jumped up and down and did a happy dance after we ended our call. There's no video, so you have no proof :-). But I was excited to sew for her again.

The fabrics for the black and purple tunics were purchased from Cali Fabrics. I've never been disappointed by any of my purchases from this company. The quality is good and the orders ship fast.

The middle one is fabric from Emma One Sock. The main body is a gorgeous Dutch digital cotton/lycra print.The other fabrics were from an Emma One Sock bundle order of remnants. (I did a reveal video on my Instagram TV channel if you're curious what's inside an EOS bundle. I do believe you can only access that via a mobile device, not on a laptop computer.)

The black tunic I completed before my daughter came to visit us this past July. She *hates* having her photo taken, but humored me. I, of course, think she looks darling!
We flew her down to help me out, as this was during the time period when I still hadn't received a diagnosis as to what was causing my disabling joint pain.  She was a huge help in getting things organized in our new home, and I was happy that I'd been able to sew at least one tunic she could bring home with her. The other tunics are on their way to her via USPS.

Here's the back of the black one.
Vogue 8817 Back View of Black Tunic on Sharon Sews sewing blog
I was quite pleased with the stripe matching at the side seams. I know it's not really noticeable, but it makes me happy.
Stripe matching of side seam on tunic on sharon sews blog
Here's a quick sewing tip. When I stitch my neckbands, I pay more attention to the left side of my sewing foot making sure the width of the band is even. After all, the excess seam allowance to the right will be trimmed off, so if it's a little off it doesn't matter.
Sewing Tip Watch the Left Side of the Neck Band to Make Sure Width is Even on Sharon Sews blog
That way I know my band will be even.
Can't forget the label!
Here's two more sewing tips
The contrast fabrics on these tunics are edge stitched, which helps hold the seam allowances in place. When I edge stitch I like to use my knit-edge/piping/beading foot. This specialty foot is for my Pfaff Performance 2056 machine.
The foot sits nicely against the edge of the seam making for perfectly spaced edge stitching. 
On some of my knits, such as this purple knit, I cut off the selvage edge so the knit will be flat making it easier to cut out the pattern pieces. 
Sewing Tip: cut off selvage on knit fabrics on Sharon Sews blog
The purple knits were fairly lightweight, and the body of the tunic flows nicely. 
Vogue 8817 Knit Tunic with Purple Cali Fabrics materials on Sharon Sews blog
The main fabric of the pink tunic, the dreamcatcher feathers, is a rather beefy cotton/lycra. You can see how it looks different from the purple one just on the dress form. I wasn't able to capture the true beauty of the fabric, so you'll just have to trust me.
Vogue 8817 Pink Dreamcatcher Feather Fabric from Emma One Sock
The contrast fabrics were in that bundle I mentioned. I didn't have enough of the peachy pink for the back, so I used a pinky pink instead. 
Vogue 8817 Pink Dreamcatcher Feather Fabric from Emma One Sock Back View
And of course the final touch is the labels. 
You Are Worthy, You Are Beautiful: Sharon Madsen Handmade labels
By the way, the pattern is Vogue 8817, released in 2012.
Vogue 8817 Pattern Cover
So tell me.
1) Do you sew for your family members?
2) And how many is too many of the same garment from the same pattern?

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  1. I have that pattern...it hasn't made it to the top of the pile yet. I need to get on it.

    1. Lisa, you need to get on this one! It's an easy sew, and that color blocking is perfect to use up smaller pieces of knit!

  2. I love sewing for my family, especially when they ask me to make something. They're not kids anymore so when they ask it a really big deal. Your daughter looks beautiful in the tops you made. Well done and cute labels!

    1. Yes, if they ask how can you say no?!? And thank you!

  3. Fabulous! Your daughter is so cute in her tunic! Thanks for the tips, and I do love the labels! I got an email this morning from EOS that she's having a sale. I hate that as I always find something I don't really need. :)

    1. Thanks! She is pretty cute isn't she :-) I look at the EOS site way more often than I should, but her fabrics are just so gorgeous!

  4. That's a great pattern! I love how these turned out. I wonder if this pattern is still available. I would love to add this to my 'dressy innkeeper' wardrobe! And yes, I sew for all my kids - I just finished making daughter & granddaughter matching denim skirts - they are so cute! g

    1. I think it's still available! It's be perfect for your innkeeper lifestyle!

  5. Marilee Judith Gramith11:14 PM

    Hooray for our cute Rita and her debut modeling moment!
    The tunics are comfy and perfect for her.



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