Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vogue 8817 Take Two

This blue silk knit tunic I sewed last year from Vogue 8817 (blogged about here) certainly draws a lot of positive attention. Whenever I wear I get asked where I bought it ( and I love being able to smile sweetly and respond "I made it", don't you?)  It also brought forth a request from my daughter to sew one for her.  Um, that doesn't happen often so of course I jumped on that one!

Here's the version I sewed for myself last year.

First things first.  I pulled a couple of fabric combinations together and let her choose which spoke to her.   She ended up choosing a fun ITY print (from Fabric Mart Fabrics - long sold out), combined with a RPL (rayon-poly-lycra) knit in a deep purple and bright turquoise.
Construction was a quick two hours - from cutting out to placing on the mannequin to photograph. One thing I forgot in my eagerness to sew something for her was to adjust the length.  She's about four inches shorter than I am and the length is a wee bit overwhelming on her.

I sewed it much sooner than she thought I had (okay, true confession time...sometimes I get sidetracked and start a new sewing project before finishing the one I was in the midst of and she is well aware of that tidbit) and tucked it away to give to her as a birthday gift.

When she stopped by the other day to help with a few quick items in our bathroom (which we are remodeling) I quickly grabbed the camera and asked her to pose so I could post a pic of her wearing her new tunic.   Being a camera-shy sort of person, she agreed only if I would not show her face. 
Cute, right?


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  1. Hello from Spain: Great work. Very nice. Keep in touch

  2. Pretty top! Great combination of fabrics.



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