Jungle January: A Zebra and Polka Dot Infinity Scarf

In honor of Jungle January, I sewed an infinity scarf using a coordinating zebra and polka dot print.  Except I actually sewed it for the last year's Jungle January. I posted it on my Instagram account, but never shared it on my blog.
This easy-to-sew infinity scarf came about by accident.  I had received a large scarf as a gift and wanted to recreate something similar. I went to my local Hancock Fabrics store and purchased one yard each of the zebra and polka dot prints with the intention of making two infinity scarfs. 

Um, no, I miscalculated.  What I wanted was a really large, wide (yet lightweight) infinity scarf that I could wrap around my neck not only as a fashion accessory, but for warmth in a chilly office. If I sewed the one yard of fabric together as I envisioned, it would not be large enough.

Since the two prints coordinated, I simply stitched them together along the long edges using a French seam to create the size I wanted.  At that point I all I had to do was finish the edges.  I did so with a narrow hem using my serger.
I now had an infinity scarf that measured approximately 71" x 43".  The two prints allow me to have a  slightly different look whenever I wear the scarf.
 The 71" x 43" also means there is plenty of scarf to wrap around my neck.

See this blog post for instructions on how to sew your own version of this infinity scarf!


  1. What a great idea, I may have to copy this!

  2. great looking scarf! what type of fabric did you use? Is it a knit or woven?

    1. Thanks! This was made from a woven. It's a polyester lightweight blouse-type fabric

  3. Brilliant idea - mixing the two fabrics.

  4. I have scarf envy.

  5. This is a very good looking scarf and great idea to put together different prints! I think it helped tone down the animal pattern a bit (and to make a creative change, too!). Thanks for sharing and it is always nice to find posts like these straight from the source.


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