Thursday, January 14, 2016

DIY: A Colorblock Infinity Scarf Tutorial

When I wear my zebra/polka dot infinity scarf it never fails to draw compliments.  Once people find out I made it, often the next question is "would you make one for me?"

While I rarely sew for hire these days, I do enjoy sewing items to give to others, especially these colorblocked infinity scarfs. They are simple, yet each is unique depending on the fabrics chosen.

This year I sewed a some as Christmas gifts for a few girlfriends.
Here's how to make one of these cute and easy infinity scarfs for yourself.

For one scarf, you'll need one yard each of two coordinating fabrics at least 45" wide. Choose a lightweight fabric, such as voile, chambray, linen, rayon or even flannel. My zebra/polka dot scarf was sewn using a polyester blouse weight fabric. A lightweight knit would work also.  Heavier fabric would create a lot of bulk at the neckline. Each piece of fabric should measure 45" x 36".  If your fabric is wider, cut it to 45".

For these three scarfs, I used voile purchased locally at SR Harris Fabrics

For me, part of the fun of sewing these as gifts is choosing the fabrics for the person who will receive the scarf.  

I choose the blue plaid and animal print because plaids are trendy and animal prints are just fun. The color will bring out the gorgeous blue of my friend's eye.
This bright plaid was for a friend who loves bold colors and plaids. I liked how the subtle black and white print played off of the tiny black lines in the plaid fabric. She will look fabulous in these colors!
The yellow and teal prints are for a friend who possesses a fabulously unique fashion style - one we all envy. She will be able to work these fun prints into her wardrobe easily.

Once you've selected your fabrics, sew the two long edges together with a French seam.  You'll want to use a French seam as the seams are exposed on this scarf.  If you're not sure how to sew a French seam, there are many tutorials on the Internet, such as this one on the Craftsy website. (No affiliation, I just like Craftsy.) 
You'll now have one large continuous loop of fabric that will measure approximately 88" x 36".
The last step is to hem the edges of the scarf.  If you're using a knit fabric you could leave the edges unfinished. I finished the edges with a narrow hem using my serger. 

That's it!  Simple to sew. Fun to wear. 

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  1. Easy and pretty! Thanks Sharon!

  2. Great idea! I'll try making one

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  4. Lovely infinity scarves

  5. Looks like a great stash buster!



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