McCall's 8201 ~ A Floral Peasant Style Bubble Top

When McCall's 8201 was released this past spring, I thought it was cute but had no plans to add it to my collection. Soon after the release, I purchased a top that was quite similar in style.  I found myself wearing it often enough that I decided to buy the pattern to sew another top. 

Here's the pattern cover.  As you can see it's designed to be cropped.  I sewed View C, adding 1" to the length.

I expected this to be a quick sew, and was surprised to discover the top is completely lined. The elastic  is inserted between the fashion fabric and the lining at the neck, arm, and bottom edges.

The instructions have you bag the lining. Which, if you've ever bagged the lining in a jacket, that's not always a quick process. You need to think about what you're doing, as it isn't always intuative. Well, at least for me it isn't. The nice thing is that there are no exposed seams inside.

There are separate pattern pieces for the fashion fabric and the lining fabric as the lining is about 1" shorter in length. This creates a "bubble" effect at all of the edges. 

The fabric is a beautiful Italian viscose crepe I purchased from Emma One Sock (as of Aug. 28, 2021 it was still available - click here).  My daughter had given me a gift certificate to Emma One Sock as a birthday gift and this was one of the fabrics I picked out.  (Does she know me or what?!?)  I lined it with a white batiste I had on hand. 

The pattern has a LOT of ease! I sewed a size Medium with no alterations. The bust measurement for a medium is 36" and the bust area of this top measures 52". I wanted that loose, oversized look, but you may want less ease. Just something to keep in mind if you sew this. 

As mentioned earlier, I added 1" to the length of the top and I think I'll add two more when I sew this again. It does ride up a bit more than I'd like when I raise my arms.

Even though both of my fabrics are fairly lightweight, this top is a bit warm to wear when the heat and humidity are high.  But honestly, that hasn't kept me from wearing this quite frequently as I really like it. 

In these photos it looks boxier than it does in real life.  I usually pair this top with pair of white jeans but those were in the laundry the day I took pics for the blog.

Looking at the pattern cover I was concerned the neckline would be too wide and expose my bra straps. I'm happy to tell you that hasn't been a problem. 

I plan on sewing another soon!

I hope you have a blessed day! Happy Sewing!


  1. Looks darling on you.

  2. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Sharon, I usually see a medium but decided to make a small but with the short sleeves. Do you feel this longer length will work with the short sleeves?


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