Monday, July 27, 2020

My New Favorite Summer Dress ~ The Celeste Dress by Itch to Stitch

After months of casual at-home attire I was ready for a comfy, yet cute look! When a testing call went out for the new Celeste Dress by Itch to Stitch I applied.  I liked the design lines and knew this would be something I could wear in place of my current at-home attire.

Okay, let's get real. My casual at-home look had gotten rather sloppy.  On a daily basis I was donning cut-off jean shorts, tees and skipping the hair and makeup.  I mean with no reason to leave the house it was easy for me to slide into a sloppy look under the pretext of being comfy.  Yes, it was incredibly comfortable. But so is this dress.  Plus wearing a dress makes me want to fix my hair and add some makeup. 
The dress is described as " a relaxed-fit dress with flattering lines. It features a pleasing V neck, feminine princess seams, high-waisted center-front gathers, ample pockets and breezy short sleeves."  Here is the line drawing.

I was a bit concerned about the center-front gathers wondering if they would make that skirt section pouf out. I'm happy to report that I found the gathers over my tummy to disguise rather than emphasis my tummy area.  I do think you need to pay attention to your fabric choice as too thick of a fabric may not drape as nicely as mine.
The dress is designed for light- to mid-weight non-stretch woven fabrics, including linen, linen blends, cotton blends, chambray and poplin.

My fabric is a rayon print from Hawaii Fabric Mart. You may recognize the print as it's identical to the one I used to sew my March Maxi Dress challenge. Just in a different colorway.  (That dress was blogged about here

One thing that attracted me to this pattern was the multi-cup sizing. After 20 years of doing FBAs, I've become pretty proficient at that alteration. That being said, I do appreciate a well drafted pattern that allows me to skip that alteration. This designer's patterns fit me pretty well with minimal adjustments as long as I choose my size based on the measurements provided.
I did sew a muslin, something I usually don't take time to do.  Mainly to check the fit in the bust area.  I choose my size based on the measurements and after putting on my test garment, I decided to go up a size. The decision to go up a size is based on my personal preference of looser fitting clothing.

Here is my fit my dusty mirror ;-)
There is an invisible zipper in the left side seam, that extends from under the arm to the top of the pocket. Most of the pattern testers found they could easily get the dress on and off without the use of the zipper. I can also, but with my large bust it's easier to use the zipper.  I would suggest basting the side seams and testing if you can get this on and off before taking time to add the zipper.

The front bib area is completely interfaced and faced. It makes for a nice clean look inside the garment.  The instructions for the v-neckline ensure a sharp vee at the center front.
As is pretty common in the sewing community, I'm a fan of pockets. This dress has pockets sewn to the upper and lower side pieces.
That back view. 
I made no alterations to this dress. For reference, this is designed for someone 5' 6", and I'm an inch shorter.  I'm pretty pleased with the fit and am extremely pleased with the cuteness and comfy factor.

I plan on sewing myself another, probably in a linen. After all, it is still July and where I live we will likely experience another two months of warm weather.

Blessings from Texas!

P.S If you purchase the pattern through my affiliate link I receive a small commission - at no extra cost to you! Itch to Stitch Celeste Dress pattern (affiliate link) ~
P.S. As a pattern tester, I received a copy of this pattern at no cost, however I was under no obligation to write a blog post or film a video review.  As a tester, I provided feedback to the designer on the construction process and fit.

P.S. I did put a video review on my YouTube channel if you want to see the movement of the dress.

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  1. Just bought this pattern and anxious to get it made. Yours is adorable!

    1. Thanks Linda! I hope you love yours too.

  2. Love this dress! - very flattering on you and the colorway/print is so pretty also. I have the issue as far as the tummy area but this looks to work well. Would like to try this pattern but not sure my printer would be accurate - maybe take to a print shop?

    1. Hi Vicki, Thank you!

      I'm pretty sure the designer includes a file for printing at a print shop. I haven't used that option. There is one page that you print first and then check the size of a small box to make sure your printer is printing correctly.

  3. Beautiful and looks so flattering on you 💛💛 thank you for sharing Sharon 😊😊



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