Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The #SimoneMcCalls Ruffle Pants ~ McCall's 8098 Pattern Review

Nope this is not a tiered maxi skirt - it's a fabulous pair of pants with a boho vibe. 
The pattern is the #SimoneMcCalls - better known as McCall's 8098.  It was a spring 2020 release, and a pattern I purchased online, on sale for $3.99, right before the warehouse shut down.

That sale may have been the last of the $3.99 pattern sales from the McCall's website, as the "sale" they had over the Memorial weekend was buy two get one free. I love these pants, but if I had taken advantage of that last "sale", this pattern would have cost me about $9.  No thanks.  I think after years of offering $3.99 ($6.99 for Vogue) pattern sales it will take a long time to retrain people (in the U.S. anyway) to think that buy two get one is a good deal.

Fortunately I have a lot of patterns, after all I've been sewing for many, many years. And yes, I could have figured out how to make these pants from an elastic waist pants pattern. Which is something I may need to do in the future when I see a new pattern release I like.

Here's the pattern cover.
I really like the colors and the boho vibe of these pants.
And oh my! Are they fun to wear! We ventured out to At Home over the holiday weekend (arriving at the store early before there were many shoppers) and I wore the pants, paired with a RTW Gap tee.
The pants have an elastic waist, and are definitely easier to wear than a maxi dress or skirt. That's saying a lot as I do love my maxis!

I purchased the fabric from SuperTextiles.  It is a fabric store located in Dallas, but it was one of the stores damaged by the tornado that touched down in fall 2019.  I had not yet had a chance to visit the fabric district in Dallas (before the tornado hit) and it sounds as if most of those fabric stores will not reopen again. That's why I was happy to find them now selling on Etsy!

The pattern suggests crepes, gauze, challis and stable knits.  The pants do need lightweight fabric due to the gathers and the elastic waist. My fabric was described as stretch crepe.  It's fairly light weight but I didn't notice a stretch. The "gingham" checks are not exactly lined up and the three colors are printed in a wide stripe pattern. 
When I first started sewing the pants my machine would NOT cooperate!  I tried different needles. I tried re-threading multiple times. I tried adjusting the tension.  Nope, nothing worked. I was perplexed as I didn't think this fabric was that unusual. It finally dawned on me that it needed to go in for a tune-up as it had been more than a year since it had been serviced. Well, that and the fact that I had just completed sewing about 150 face masks. Yep, the tune up did the trick!
I did a pretty good job matching the checks at the center front seams, but spaced out when it came to the back.  Oh well, I'll just pretend the pants were RTW, hahahaha!
The ruffles are created by sewing tiers along the sides of the pants and attaching them to the front and back of the pants. The bottom tier is fuller and longer than the middle tier.
I knew there was no way I could match the color "stripes" so I only tried to keep the color the same at the center front and back.
I like these so much that I plan to sew another to wear during the summer season. They do take almost 3 yards of 60" wide fabric so I'll look through my fabric stash to see if I have anything that will work before purchasing more fabric.
I tried taking pics in the grass in our backyard - wearing sandals - but something started biting me!  It wasn't red ants, and I couldn't see what it was, so I think my blog posts will have me standing on the concrete in front of the garage for now! 

And this pic is me looking to see what is biting my ankles. I'm posting it because it'll remind me what my hair looked like after no color or cut for six months.

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  1. Those are pretty fantastic! I may have to consider this as a good maxiskirt alternative for when I'm chasing the kids around.

  2. Oh my! These pants are just darling! Ive seen a similar pair on a website and seriously considered buying them but didn't. I'm inspired to do a search after seeing your creation. They look great on you and seem to have that versatility of being easily dressed up or down. One of my favorites my friend!!!
    Love, Jude

  3. I think these look amazing and really look great on. Wonderful, fun project that I would love to make some day as I love loose fitting pants for casual wear.

  4. Fabulous pants and so colorful! I love the palazzo pant style. Great job!

  5. These are fantastic. I keep wondering how tall you are. I am only five feet but would love to wear these.



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