Monday, March 23, 2020

A Pink Sequin Jacket - Vogue 9275

"Leave a little sparkle wherever you go" - Anonymous

Just doing my part to leave a little sparkle behind - along with some stray sequins - with my new pink sequin jacket.
I started sewing the jacket the end of February but took a break when we had friends visiting.  We took a mini vacation to Waco (Magnolia Silos!) and San Antonio.

Within days of our friends leaving to return home, everyone in the country was being asked to practice "social distancing".  With my slightly suppressed immune system we took the advise to heart. I choose to stop my weekly volunteer activities, and to not go to the gym to workout.

Here we are just two weeks later. My gym is closed, the place where I volunteer is closed, my church is having services online, and my hubby is working from home.

It feels surreal and I suspect you can relate. It's odd because when I want to stay home and sew I'm incredibly productive. But now knowing that I have to stay home I feel unmotivated and distracted.

So I am forcing myself to keep a routine. And that includes daily sewing time.
Okay, back to my jacket. I did not want this to become another sewing WIP, so I put aside other projects and finished it this past weekend.

The pattern is Vogue 9275, released in 2017. It includes the long bomber jacket, pullover top, leggings, and pants.

I got it into my head that I *needed* a sequin bomber jacket this spring. Yes of course I could buy one, but what fun is that?

I remembered that I had purchased two yards of pink sequin fabric from a remnant bin at SR Harris (for a grand total of $10). Well, two yards was all I needed for this jacket!
The pattern is rated "Easy" and is available in XS to XXL.  I cut and sewed a M (12-14), which is the size I normally use for tops and jackets.

This baby is big! To be fair to Vogue Patterns, the description DID say "very loose-fitting". I just figured that meant I would not need to do an FBA (which I didn't). It is a bit big in the shoulder area but it's not that noticeable.
I shortened the jacket by 2", and used a 20" separating zipper (instead of 24") as that is the size I had on hand that coordinated.

I only lined the jacket body as I liked the look of the semi-sheer sleeve. The jacket could easily be made reversible if you do line the sleeves.

For the sleeve cuffs and collar I used a light pink knit from an Emma One Sock bundle. She doesn't post those bundles very often but if you ever have a chance purchase one! They're a lot of fun and the smaller pieces are perfect for things like this.
The jacket is top stitched around the neck and front edges.
Although the front lining still likes to pop out occasionally.

The Microtex Sharp needle seemed to work best for me sewing the sequins.
Every seam in the jacket is a French seam. Well, except for the seam attaching the knit collar to the jacket. But all the others are, including the in-seam pocket that is hidden inside of the lining.  I did so because my lining fabric raveled easily and I wanted to try and keep it from ripping inside my jacket.

Sequins + French Seams + Matched Stripes deserves a moment of recognition, don't you think?

I'm really happy with my new jacket, although I must say that I feel a bit overdressed wearing it to vacuum and dust ;-)


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  1. Now that is a FUN jacket!

  2. These photos of you are especially good my friend. My conclusions?
    1.) I forgot how pretty you are.
    2.) You're my friend and I love you to pieces.
    3. Pink is one of your colors.
    The matched stripes are VERY impressive. Sewing on sequined fabric feels like it would be tricky. I'm always so impressed with your creations Sharon. You're a truly multitalented woman.

  3. Marilee Judith Gramith2:34 AM

    That last comment was mine. Jude Gramith

  4. Darling jacket! You look radiant in pink!



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