Tuesday, January 07, 2020

It's All About the Sleeves ~ Vogue 9243 Top

My last make of 2019 was this princess seam top with statement sleeves!
I wore the top, along with my sequin print pants, to dinner on New Year's Eve. (Review of the pants coming soon.)  Because we decided to go out to dinner only three days prior, I didn't have much time to sew something to wear. I don't know why, but I always think I need something new when it's a special night.
At first I dug through my BurdaStyle magazines looking for a dress to sew. As I was considering a number of designs, I thought about where we are currently living.  A party dress would work in the metropolitan area we left behind but not so much here, especially at the restaurant we were going to.

I'm so glad I choose to wear this top and pants instead of going with my original plan. I felt that I was dressed pretty casually, but I was by the far the most dressed up person in the restaurant.
The pattern is Vogue 9243. It's an Easy Options pattern featuring a princess seam top with a back zipper and sleeve variations.
It's designed for woven fabrics.  I ended up using a black ponte knit, because I couldn't locate the piece of black silk I know I have - at least I hope I still have it. It may not have survived the big sewing room purge of 2019 that coincided with the big move. Anyway, I think the ponte knit worked great, and it's so comfy because of the stretch.

I knew I wanted to use the novelty knit for the sleeves, and debated between view A (top green one one the envelop) and View F (bottom blue one on the envelop). View A won only because I didn't have enough of the novelty knit for View F. 

French Seams were used for the underarm seam, and I left the bottom edge of the sleeve unhemmed.
I did my usual alterations - a full bust adjustment (about 1"), a slight forward shoulder adjustment, and slight sway back adjustment.  I did scoop the neck by about 2" additional inches.

With the ponte knit I probably could have gotten by without the back zip, but ended up adding it. Now that the top is complete I can indeed get in and out of it without a zipper.

The novelty knit is a fine net with a series of two different size squares of netting tacked on to create the texture.  With some time and patience one could reproduce the look. 
When I'm wearing the top I want to walk around gently waving my arms up and down showing off the movement of the sleeves - but that's not very practical, is it? :-) 

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