Thursday, September 12, 2019

Fringe Trimmed Kimono Style Silk Jacket - BurdaStyle 04-2019-107

Do you ever purchase fabric not knowing exactly how it will be used?  I used to do that, jokingly explaining that I had more time to buy fabric than I did to sew. But our move from Minnesota to Texas forced me us to downsize, and that included my fabric stash. A lot of gorgeous fabrics ended up at the thrift store simply because I no longer had room to store them.

However, this floral black silk was one I just could not give up and it made the move across country. I purchased it as two separate silk remnants from SR Harris about three years ago not sure what I wanted to make. But when Meg, the online editor for BurdaStyle, sewed a beautiful fringed kimono jacket I knew this fabric had found its destiny.
The pattern is from the April 2019 BurdaStyle magazine, jacket number 107.  It can also be purchased online as a downloadable PDF.
This is one of those projects that you sew when you want to create something really fast! There are only five pattern pieces - a front, a back, sleeves, and front and back facings. I eliminated the facings and finished the front and neck edge with self-made bias binding.
The silk fabric was a border print, with wide floral on along one selvage and the narrow floral along the other selvage. Because this pattern had straight edges it was easy to showcase the floral design.
I can't really say much about the construction as it's simply stitching a  few straight seams. I did sew French seams so the inside would look nice.  The sleeves are hemmed with a narrow hem.
The fringe was re-purposed from a thrifted skirt that I purchased specifically for the fringe. (Hmmmm, I was so eager to take a picture that I did so before realizing I need to remove that hem and restitch.)
Even though the floral design speaks more of spring and summer, I believe I can wear this as a transitional piece here in Texas, simply because it's still quite warm here. 
Fortunately the two silk remnants had enough fabric that I was able to center the floral border perfectly on the back!
As I was sewing this jacket, I happened across a fun topper challenge on YouTube, co-hosted by Vivmom Sews and Joy Bernhardt. Basically you just sew a topper, post it on Instagram by Sept. 15, with the hashtag #joyvivtopper and you are entered into a drawing for a gift card to Target! Well who doesn't love Target?  So I posted this topper and we'll see if my name gets drawn :-)

Have a blessed day!

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  1. What a lovely Kimono!

  2. Marilee Judith Gramith11:24 PM

    This is so lovely!! The process you used to create it was pretty creative too. Don't ya just love a kimono?!



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