Friday, August 16, 2019

An Oversized Asymmetrical Top: 1980's Vogue 1566 Claude Montana

Trends from the 1980s have been showing up on the runways recently, which means this is the perfect time for me to stitch up some of the 1980s era Vogue designer patterns in my collection!

Like this oversized pullover top designed by Claude Montana.
Sharon wears Vogue 1566, OOP a 1985 Claude Montana pullover top,

In the late 90s, during one of our moves, I gave my best friend two large totes filled with many of my Vogue designer patterns, including many that are now highly sought after from Issey Miyake and Claude Monanta. At the time I didn't see myself ever sewing them. Of course now I regret that as they are quite expensive when they can be found on Ebay or Etsy, sigh.

Fortunately she loaned this one to me before we moved so I could sew myself one for our Texas summers! She's still searching through her vast pattern collection to find another Vogue Montana pattern I'd now like to sew.

The top I'm wearing in this blog post is from Vogue 1566, a Vogue Individualist design that was released in 1985.
The Instagram hashtag #poselikethemodel inspired this shot :-)
Sharon posing like the model on Vogue 1566 Montana pattern cover
I ordered this lightweight tropical print voile from Fabric Mart Fabrics during one of their sales, with visions of an oversized tunic in the style of Chico's.  I was torn as to whether this gave me a carefree, artsy look or if the top was better suited as a swimsuit coverup.

I decided it's unique and artsy and fun and I like wearing it with my white leggings. 
Sharon Sews wearing Vogue 1566 Claude Montana pullover top
The pattern describes the top as a very loose-fitting, pullover top with bands, low armholes, shaped hemline and below elbow length sleeves with slit (left side).

The top is asymmetrical (which is one thing I love about the design) and here you can see how high the left side is.
Here you can see more of the design, including the difference in each sleeve.
Vogue 1566 Montana showing asymmetrical design Sharon Sews
Here's the back view. 
Vogue 1566 Back View of Pullover top on Sharon Sews blog
This was one of the first projects I sewed when I returned to sewing two months ago. This top took me a long time, mainly because of my limited physical ability at the time. However, the construction itself was fairly simple.

The contrasting neckline facings are sewn to the wrong side, turned to the right side, and stitched in place.
Here's the left sleeve.
The bands that are sewn diagonally across the front and back are bias. Since I didn't want to purchase additional fabric, I used a white cotton I had on hand for the contrasts. It had tone-on-tone embroidered stripes, so I tried to line up the embroidery so it would be in line with the neck bands. A detail I probably didn't need to bother with, as I doubt it is noticeable when worn. But it makes me happy :-)

Here's the front view.
Here's the back view.
I imagine I would not have had to cut these on the bias, but I'm guessing by doing so it helps with the drape of the top.

Before we moved, I planned on bringing my serger in for service, but with the unexpected surgery that never happened. In fact, it still needs service. I recently learned that the local sewing machine dealer services all makes of machines, so I'll be getting my serger fixed soon.

To finish the seams on this top I turned the seam edges in and stitched in place.
Of course I finished it off with one of my positive message labels (purchased from Dutch Label Shop).
I'll admit I haven't worn this outfit nearly as much as I thought I would. I figured a lightweight, loose-fitting top would be quite comfortable in this Texas heat, but honestly I have found that unless I'm going to be inside, the top and leggings are still too warm for outside wear!

This was a fun sewing project. I've been wanting to sew this design for the past few years, and am happy that I found the time to finally do so.
Have a blessed day!

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  1. OOh, you just inspired me to have a search in my patterns and I have an Issey Miyake leggings and enormous top pattern no 1729 (1986). Looks like I made the leggings at some stage (or perhaps just prepped the pattern). Your top is definitely wearable. Would make a lovely dress - maybe just add a bit to the short side? Or wear with a white mini skirt?

    1. That's awesome! I'd LOVE to see what you do with that top...and I that was one of my Miyake patterns it would definitely be on my "to sew" list :-)

  2. Marilee Judith Gramith11:31 AM

    This white/bright colored fabric has exactly the type of tropical vibe I like. I remember buying shorts in a pattern like this.
    This is a really unique, high fashion look. Would a knit fabric be doable? Also a pattern mix would be so cool!! Something sophisticated and Vogue-ish... :-)

  3. What a unique, fun (love the fabric) tunic. I have also been pulling out some of my 80's patterns because as you mentioned, trends from that time period are showing up again.



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