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BurdaStyle 07/2018 #120 Pants with Embellished Bottom Bands

"I need these midi-length pants!"
BurdaStyle Pants 07/2018 #120 with Sheer Bands and Ribbon Trim on Sharon Sews Blog
That was my immediate reaction when I saw these.  Look at the details!  The length, the slight flare, the pocket detail, the side zip, the narrow waistband. All of these spell winner in my book. Here's the line drawing.

I was especially intrigued by the idea of using the bottom portion of the pants as a design feature. Because it is stitched to the pants separately it was easy to come up with a variety of ideas.   Here's some of my sketches.
BurdaStyle 07/2018 #120 Pants Design Sketch Ideas on Sharon Sews Blog
On my first pair I used a sheer embellished fabric for the bottom. I debated whether or not to use it as a sheer or as an overlay on the black fabric.  After consulting my incredibly fashion-savvy friend (hey Jude! I'm talking about you!) I left it sheer.  I really love it!  I think wearing it with flats helps tone down the "fancy".
Sharon Sews Modeling BurdaStyle Pants 07/2018 #120 on sewing blog
Next I started working on a denim pair.  I inserted floating rick-rack in the seam between the leg and bottom portion.  But before I could take pics and post here and on IG, a floating rick-rack tutorial from the Bernina We All Sew blog popped up in my blog feed.  Grrrr...I decided to wait and share the denim pair later as I didn't want to appear as if I was copying that post.  Isn't it funny how some ideas in the sewing world all come out at the same time?!?

I quickly changed gears and decided to sew a pair of black pants with beaded ribbon trim inserted into the seam.  I LOVE them! And I'll probably wear them more often than my denim with the rick-rack trim.
BurdaStyle Pants 07-2018-120 Linen Blend on Sharon Sews Blog
The black trim on black pants is subdued enough that I can wear these to the office. If you're following me on Instagram (@sharonmads) you may have seen a sneak peek of the trim in one of my IG stories.
The fabric on this pair is a fabulous Donna Karan stretch woven purchased locally at SR Harris Fabrics.  Note the price of the fabric is always 50 percent off of the marked prices on the bolt. I didn't do a burn test, but I'm guessing it's a linen blend.  I can tell you it was a dream to sew!

The fabric on my sheer band pants is also from SR Harris. The black is a lightweight stretch wool blend that I purchased years ago, but the sheer I purchased specifically for these pants.
Here's a closeup of the bottom of the pants. The two side seams on the bottom band are finished with French seams and I used the scalloped edge of the fabric for the hemline.
Sheer Embellishment on Pants BurdaStyle 07-2018 #120 Sharon Sews sewing blog
Here's the back view and closer look at the bottom of the black linen with ribbon trim pants.
BurdaStyle Pants 07-2018-120 on Sharon Sews sewing blog
I left the pleated fabric pocket detail off of both of the black pants as I think the lower edge deserves all the attention!  Plus I rarely tuck in my shirts so that pocket detail would be lost.

However, I did add it to my muslin. I wouldn't normally take time to add a design detail like this to a fitting muslin, but it was so cute I had to see what it looked like!
Burda 07 2018 120 Pants Pocket Detail on Sharon Sews Blog

Speaking of muslins...I rarely do them, but I've gained some weight and am still trying to figure out what size I should be using when I sew. For my muslin I used a stretch linen blend that's been in my stash for years and quickly stitched them up with no zipper, no bottom band,and no waistband.  I'm glad I did as I ended up identifying where I needed to make adjustments before sewing my "real" ones.  I just might take these apart, make the adjustments and sew them, although I still haven't decided whether or not I like the stripe changing direction at the bottom.
The waist band is narrow - about 1" - which I really like. The pants close with an invisible zipper and a hook and eye at the waistband.
 Here's a pic of the design from the BurdaStyle website, and the link to the pattern which can be purchased as a PDF (yay! no need to trace!) on the BurdaStyle website.
With my short legs, I really didn't think that the midi-length pant trend was one I would like, but these pants have changed my mind! 
Sharon Sews wearing Burda 07 2018 #120 Pants with Sheer Trim
(This PDF pattern was provided to me at no charge as my August BurdaStyle Influencer project.) Pin It


  1. Very nice! I really like the beaded ribbon trim pair.

  2. WOW!!! Both of these pant designs came out beautifully Sharon. I think the sheer bottom pant is perfect for any dressy event regardless of season and I'm assuming that they're also comfortable so... WIN WIN!

  3. That was me my friend!! Jude

  4. Sharon!! I love these. They are so cute. Can't wait to see the floating rick rack pair. g

    1. Thanks! You'll see them,I'm just waiting a bit to post. I'll see if I can style them so they work for winter :-)

  5. Hi Judy! I can tell by the comments that the "unknown" is you!



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