Saturday, July 08, 2017

A Walking Flower Garden aka My New Look 6467 Floral Dress

How lovely is this floral scuba knit? It fits in beautifully with the lush green foliage on the walking path behind our home.
This simple pullover knit dress is pattern New Look 6467.  This sleeveless floral number is my third dress I've sewn using this pattern.  I guess it now qualifies as one of my rare TNT (tried-n-true) patterns!

The pattern has neckline, sleeve and hem variations. This dress is view B, minus the short sleeves, which I decided to eliminate at the last minute. 
The fabric was a roll-end purchased from Emma One Sock, labeled 'garden collection' print 'scuba' knit. The colors are even more vibrant in person!  (Ha! This is my "hurry up and snap the picture" face!)
The dress is simple to sew, which seems to be my theme this summer. I was unable to do much sewing over the past few years and now that I have time again I'm leaning towards those instant gratification projects!

I did a FBA (full bust adjustment), slight forward shoulder adjustment, a sway back adjustment, and added 1-1/2" to the length of the dress. I wanted it above my knees, but still work appropriate.
As much as I loved the curved hem on the short sleeve, I wasn't sure if I wanted a sleeve.  I planned on wearing this dress during the summer months, and scuba knit doesn't breath!  I decided to keep it sleeveless and drafted a facing for the sleeve. I made it wide to mimic the wide neck and hem facings.
In an effort to eliminate some bulk, I used a lighter weight knit in a coordinating solid color for all of the facings.
The facings are all topstitched in place. I used a very, very narrow zig-zag stitch, since this was a knit. The neckline is wide enough that the narrow zig-zag stitch was probably unnecessary.
I really like the little curved hem detail!
Because the neckline is wide, I was able to eliminate the back zipper. However, due to my limited fabric (remember, it was a roll end so I had less than two yards) I wasn't able to cut both the front and back on the fold.
The first time I sewed this dress I added the in-seam pockets.  As much as I LOVE pockets, they only succeeded in adding bulk to my hips and I didn't include them this time around.
This is one of my favorite summer dresses!
I'm so happy that floral prints have made a comeback. I'm going to sew and wear them as often as I can while the trend lasts.

And I leave you with a very common outtake photo. My hubs *hates* taking pics for my blog and is starts snapping away before I'm ready and I'm usually saying "No! I'm not ready!"  LOL!

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  1. Love this dress! I purchased this pattern not too long ago and have scuba knit I should try with this pattern. Love the sleeveless look!

    1. Thanks Linda! Yes, you should sew this one - you'll love it!

  2. I love this fabric and this dress! I love florals too and agree that I'm so happy they are back and like you I'm riding this new trend into the ground. Do you think if we keep wearing them past the trendy phase, they can become our style choices? :)

    1. Thanks Carolyn! Yes - let's make florals our style choice!



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