Friday, June 30, 2017

Simplicity 8383 - Knit Floral Trapeze Dress

Tutleneck + no sleeves = love.
 I have a thing for sleeveless turtlenecks.  I'm not sure why, because turtlenecks, even mock turtlenecks, aren't necessarily the most flattering look on me.  Maybe in my mind I still look like I did in my younger days when I rocked that look.  No matter what the reason, my love of sleeveless turtlenecks drew me to this pattern - Simplicity 8383.

The pattern is a trapeze dress with options of a mock turtleneck (the version I sewed), a scoop neck, sleeveless or cold shoulder sleeves.

The pattern is designed for knits. I choose a floral knit I found at Hobby Lobby (which I recently discovered. Guess where I now buy my Simplicity patterns on sale for 99 cents?).  Even though the fabric base is black, the pink flowers said "hello summer!"
The dress has a center back seam and an invisible zipper closure on the version I sewed. Because the mock turtleneck is folded in half lengthwise and sewn to the neck edge of the dress before adding the zipper, the top of the zipper tape extends beyond the top of the mock turtleneck (left photo).  I turned the tape to the inside of the dress, tucking the tape inside the seam allowance and handstitching it in place (right photo).

The armhole is finished with a self-fabric binding.
I'll admit, when I first put the dress on GiGi (my dressform) I wasn't thrilled.  It reminded me of a muumuu dress. I put that thought out on Instagram along with a pic of the dress and received positive comments so I decided to put it aside for a day or two and look at it again with fresh eyes.  
In the meantime, one of my dear friends send me an email with a link to a Cloth & Stone dress on the Anthropologie website informing me that my dress was definitely NOT muumuu-ish and that the shape was right on trend.
Screen Shot of Cloth & Stone Dress on Anthropologie website
I was convinced. I did take some of the fullness out of my floral dress (and now I really want to sew a blue chambray or linen version!)

It's a comfortable dress.  Although it really is too casual for the office, I've wore it on really hot and humid day paired with a lightweight cardi to make it a bit less casual.

As far as pattern alterations go,  I did do a small FBA (full bust adjustment) and added 2" to the length of the dress so I wouldn't feel self conscious when I moved - like here where I'm trying to control two very curious dogs. 
For a dress I wasn't sure I liked, I'm pretty sure it will see plenty of wear this summer.

And my parting shot is me showing hubby that my arms are *finally* starting to get a little definition from my workouts.  Do you think anyone would think it strange if I walked around like this, LOL?
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  1. It's so cute! I *love* florals on black!!

  2. The fabric you used is just perfect for this pattern! Love the way it drapes around you. I do the same thing with my arms and hubby - see my biceps?! I'm 62 and honestly aren't they just the HARDEST thing to keep reasonably presentable?

  3. I think this shape is perfect for those hot and humid days when you want something that will float with the occasional breeze! Love your fabric choice, too!

  4. Looks wonderful! I'm tempted to try this shape - this does look to be perfect for warm weather.

  5. I love this shape and still adore a sleeveless turtleneck - which I don't understand either because if it's cold enough to cover your neck, you probably need sleeves - right? Anyway - your dress is fabulous and you will be rocking it all summer. g

  6. So pretty! love everything about it!



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