Sunday, October 23, 2016

Snake Print Demin With a Touch of Gold: Burda 12-2014-116 Skirt

"I like that skirt. It looks like leather," said hubby when I asked if he'd mind taking a few photos for me.

What?!?  Who are you and what did you do with my hubby?  He only likes it when I sew "normal" clothes, meaning nothing too flashy or attention getting.  

There is nothing spectacular about the design lines of this skirt.  It's simply a straight skirt, with two back darts, a side zip, and a side front seam with a slit. The fun snake print denim fabric is what adds a bit of spunk to the skirt.

Yea, it's a snake print denim. And it has metallic accents. And from a distance I think it does kind of looks like leather.  It's from the dearly departed Hancock Fabrics. (I'm still sad...)

I've paired it here with my Style Arc Cold Shoulder black tee.

The skirt is from the Burda Style December 2014 magazine.  
Supposedly that slit is thigh-high, but it only hits slightly above my knee. And my skirt is quite a bit longer than the one the model is wearing. Obviously I'll need to make an adjustment and shorten this if I sew another.  And stand with my weight shifted and my hip out so everyone can tell there actually is a side slit.
I sewed the skirt last February, tried it on, pinned the hem and tucked it away to hem another day.  I guess after eight months it was time.  The good news is that the skirt is now complete. The bad (well, good actually!) is that I've dropped a few pounds and the skirt needs to be taken in as its designed for a closer fit.

If you follow me on Instagram (sharonmads) you may remember when I posted a pic of the fabric and exposed zipper pinned in place.
It was a just little detail to spice up a plain skirt.  The color match is so good you can barely see the exposed zipper.  Oh, look! There's that side front slit I told you was there!
The skirt is fully lined since the version in the magazine is designed for lace.  I ended up chopping the lining off above the slit because the fabric really didn't need to be lined. It does finish off the waistline though (which I stabilized since there is no waistband.)
I tried to get my hubby to do more of a fashion picture with me and this was the best out of the dozens we tried.  I look even more awkward that I feel, ha! ha!  Good thing I never considered modeling as a career.
When we take pics for the blog, many of them up like the one below.  Mainly because he takes pictures of me in the process of trying to pose, and I'm usually making some ridiculously funny face while standing in an incredibly unflattering pose. (I know, I know, I'm shallow. I want to look decent when I post pics for the world to see.)  Secretly I think it's his way of saying "go buy a remote control for the camera and let me watch football."
Anyway, back to the skirt.  Burda 12-2014, #116, pencil skirt with slit.  Easy to sew, fun to wear, hubby approved.

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  1. What a wonderful outfit! I love that skirt!



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