Friday, July 03, 2015

Red, White and Lace: Simplicity 1199 Pullover Knit Top

This Simplicity 1199 knit top is modeled by my lovely daughter, who agreed to be photographed wearing the top only if I did not show her face. I get it, while I think she looks beautiful 24/7 (and trust me she does!)  she said she was having a  bad hair/bad makeup day.
This top is a double layer top which worked out perfectly for the red striped fabric I used. The stripes are actually semi-sheer. Cool, huh?  I bought the red fabric at my favorite local fabric warehouse -- SR Harris -- without knowing exactly what I would sew. You never do that, right?
The pattern, Simplicity 1199, has multiple views and is designed for knits. I found it to very loose-fitting. In fact, I originally cut and sewed this top for myself, but when my daughter stopped by and expressed how much she liked it I gave it her. Honestly, it fits (and looks) much better on her than it did on me. If you sew this, think about how much ease you want and choose your size accordingly.
I sewed View D, but eliminated the crossover back.  I simply cut the back piece on the fold of the fabric and straightened the hemline.
The lace was an afterthought.  Once I had the top almost complete I though it needed just a bit more.
I've seen so much lace on tops in local boutiques that it made sense to trim with a flat lace.  Which was also purchased from my favorite fabric warehouse store. Notice that little orange dot? That's how you mark the price and yardage since you cut most items yourself at that place. LOVE that!
The tops is two separate knit tops joined together at the shoulders, neck and armholes.  I managed to misplace the instruction sheet while I was in the process of sewing this (must have been that day when I cleaned up my sewing space - that'll teach me!  so I can't speak exactly on the order of construction but I do recall it was simple to sew.

I started View B and decided I didn't like my color combo. Luckily my daughter tried the top on and decided it works for her.   Another blog post on this pattern will be coming soon.


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  1. This is a great top and I'm glad that your daughter likes it! It reminds me of the Lori Goldstein tops that QVC sells!

  2. That fabric is fun. If I ever go back to MN, I will have to go to SR Harris!
    Great top!

  3. Cool fabric! Love the look of this top.

  4. Cool fabric! Love the look of this top.

  5. I love the top with the semi sheer look-what a great holiday top!



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