Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Doing an FBA on Vogue 1250

Yesterday I mentioned that I did a small FBA when sewing the lilac version of this dress, Vogue 1250.

While the dress already has a lot of ease in the bust area, I felt a small FBA would help keep the look a bit more true to the original design on my figure.

 "But there's no dart on the dress!"

Yea, that always used to throw me too.  But after doing about a gazillion* FBAs I'm much braver about slicing and dicing.

(* a bit of an exaggeration as I've only been doing FBAs for about 10 years).

Keep in mind that this may or may not be the "correct" way to do this, it's just the way I did it.

How I did the FBA

I cut the bottom portion of the dress off just below the shorten and lengthen line and set it aside. That way I was only working on the bodice portion of the dress.

I drew a dot on the pattern piece at approximately the bust apex. Next I drew in lines for a dart - one to the armhole just above the dot and one to the side seam.

I cut the line from the bottom up to the armhole.  I spread the line apart by about 3/4 of an inch and placed pins at the dot. Notice the bottom portion looks like a triangle? That's okay.

I cut the dart line from the side seam to the dot, then spread that open enough so that the lower opening is no longer a triangle. Both lower lines are now parallel with one another.

I carefully unpinned the pattern from the cutting board and slipped tissue paper underneath the openings. That tissue paper stores use to wrap your purchases in came in handy.

After taped the tissue in place. I used medical tape which I like to keep on hand for altering patterns. I also reattached the lower portion of the dress pattern to the bodice.

And there you have it, an FBA on the dress pattern.

And I'm glad I did the alteration.

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  1. great post and easy to follow! Thanks for sharing! I also have the same pattern and I love your version - may try making it now

  2. Thanks......I never would thought you could do a FBA on this pattern! This was very informative for me!

  3. Looks wonderful on you!

  4. Based on how great this looks on you, I must reconsider this pattern...

  5. Thanks so much for sharing that! I just picked this pattern up in a recent sale (I must be one of the last folks in blogdom to do so...) and expect I'll do the same thing! You've saved me some head-scratching! ;-)

  6. Great dress! I love the color on you!

  7. Wow! The dress looks great! And I love the color. That small FBA change to the pattern was perfect.

  8. Thanks Sharon. I am forever looking up FBA tutorials...thanks for sharing your version! I think i like it!
    Dress looks great.

  9. Perfect! Thank you for sharing, the dress fits like a dream.

  10. Fabulous! I have that pattern and was puzzling over how to do a FBA on it. Now I know! Thank you!

  11. I will have to remember this for when I get brave enough to sew something requiring one!

  12. What's an FBA? (In case you can't tell, I don't sew much, lol)

  13. Thanks so much for this I'm work on mccall's m6114 I need a fba but there is no bust darts its hard finding info on fba without bust darts let alone a dress without bust darts. You just saved me a lot if headache



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