Monday, January 26, 2009

Burda World of Fashion Slouchy Pants

It's been years since I've worn any type of pant with a pleated front. Yet, I was immediately drawn to this style - number 121 - in the November 2008 Burda World of Fashion.

The description claims that the "high-waisted, low-set waist pleats and wide legs give these pants a slimming effect."

"Hmm", I thought to myself. "Maybe they will. Maybe they won't. "

So I decided to find out for myself.

Out came the black poly rayon lycra fabric that was left after sewing the Simplicity Project Runway jacket.

Carefully, I traced the correct size and remembered to include seam allowances. I wasn't going to make that mistake again!

I popped in a DVD from Mad Men (season one - available for seven days at no charge from my local library), opened the magazine to the instructions for number 121, and prepared to sew myself a pair of slightly slouchy pants.

Yikes! I now understand completely the comments on PatternReview about the
incomprehensible instructions included with the BWOF patterns.

Thank goodness I'm a fairly experienced sewer or frustration would have prevented these pants from being sewn into being.

Putting the instructions aside I pinned pieces where I thought they should be, unpinned and sewed.

The pants have a wide waist yoke - about 3-1/4" complete with wide belt loops - that closes with three buttons. The front slanted pockets have the two pleats that provide the fullness in the pant.

End result? Two thumbs up.

The look works because the pant is fitted through the waist and hip with the fullness released below the hip.

They may not be as extreme as the Fall 2008 or Spring 2009 slouchy pant silhouette, but I like them.

The full review can be read here at PR.

BTW, the jacket is Simplicity 2728 and the top is McCall's 4716. Pin It


  1. Those pants are really cute!

  2. Very nice outfit. I like the pants and the blazer...and the shirt.

  3. Wow - you look great in those pants - well done!

  4. I like the pants a lot! Great outfit.

  5. Those pants look fab on you! Your hair is looking fab too!

  6. Great looking pants and outfit.

  7. I've learned after trial and error that wide legged trousers do me no favours whatsoever, but yours just look fantastic on you! I'm so torn!

  8. It's hard to tell, but they look awesome - as do you. Love the outfit. Glad to see sewing popping up around here. g

  9. You look fantastic in them! I love the whole outfit!

  10. Nice outfit! The pants look great.



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