Sunday, January 11, 2009

Simplicity's Project Runway jacket pattern a surprise hit

The jacket pattern - Simplicity 2728 - was purchased on a whim.

Did I need it? Absolutely not.

So why did it come home with me? Curiosity.

It's one of Simplicity's "inspired by Project Runway" patterns and I wanted to see if there was anything that set them apart from Simplicity's other patterns.

I was pleasantly surprised by the pattern:
  • Many options included to customize the jacket. Notched or shawl collar, with or without pleated detail, or no collar at all; short or three-quarter sleeves, with or without band or ruffle, plain patch or pleated pockets, or no pockets at all, one or three button closing, trim or not trim.
  • A "Sketch & Stitch" sheet complete with a croquis for you to mix-and-match the elements of this jacket to create exactly what you want - before you begin randomly cutting pattern pieces.
  • Clearly written instructions. Written in chunks - meaning when it's time to add pockets all pocket options are listed. When its time to add sleeves, all sleeve options are listed. When its time for the collar, all collar options are listed. You get the point.
  • Fully lined with instructions on bagging the lining. And the neck, front and bottom are faced so the jacket is not lined to edge, meaning no risk for the lining to peek out.
  • The jacket is designed for small (1/4") shoulder pads and includes instructions for adding sleeve heads.
  • The pattern piece for the under collar is slightly smaller than the upper collar, allowing for turn of cloth, meaning the end product is a collar that rolls slightly to the bottom when completed...just like it should.T
  • The instructions are written in chunks, so you follow along for the design elements that you've chosen. Meaning, after sewing darts you add pockets and the instructions for all of the pocket options are included. When you get to the sleeves, the instructions for all of the sleeves are included.
The completed jacket. My only regret now is that I used "I-like-this-fabric" instead of "I-love-this-fabric".

That only means there's another of these in my near future, as well as more "inspired by Project Runway" patterns.

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  1. Looks like a very versatile pattern. Nice work :)

  2. I love the shawl collar and the rounded bottom on this pattern! I bet it makes you look very curvy!

  3. I am completely in awe of you! I love the jacket. I have one or two of the inspired by project runway patterns upstairs - must find them now...Thanks, Beth

  4. Great looking jacket. I am going to make this one up. Thanks for the inspiration and information.

  5. I had heard varying comments on Runway patterns, good to know they may be user-friendly.

  6. Very cute jacket! I will have to check this pattern out since I'm always looking for a new jacket pattern.

  7. Looks lovely. I hope you like the fabric a bit more now that it's such a fabulous jacket. g

  8. Nice jacket! Make it again, right away, in the I-LoVE-fabric. You won't forget all the little things you want to improve upon.


  9. Very nice results, especially the collar.

  10. Your jacket looks great.
    Thank you for your review. I bought the pattern because I could customize it. Thank you for mentioning the other benefits of these patterns, I've never tried a project runway pattern before.



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