Saturday, September 09, 2017

Split Sleeves: Another New Look 6467 Dress

I never used to be a TNT pattern kind of gal.  I've always enjoyed purchasing new patterns and dreaming of how they'll look when completed. But over the past year or so, as my spare time (aka sewing time) has dwindled, I've found myself using patterns I've already altered and sewn more and more. That's the case with this pattern, New Look 6467. 
This is the third version I've sewn. The first was view A in a printed ponte (yet to be reviewed) that I wore frequently last winter. The second sewn is the one I'm reviewing today. It's view C in a rayon challis purchased at SR Harris.  The third was view B (minus the sleeves) in a floral scuba knit that I blogged about here.  
This view has a few fun details.  Like this random strip of fabric across the v-neckline. I didn't measure it before stitching it in place and, as you can see, it was too long.  I had to remove the facing, adjust the strip, and resew the facing.
I do like these slits in the sleeves!
It's a great transitional sleeve. You get the coverage of a long sleeve, but the slit keeps it from getting too warm. That being said I've only worn this work once as it feels too casual.
The sleeve is gathered into a narrow binding at the wrist.  I will cut the binding about 1/2" wider next time just to make it easier to stitch to the sleeve.
I didn't need a zipper in my ponte and scuba knit versions, but I did this time. I added an invisible zipper.
When I put the dress on to wear to work, I was concerned about the v-neck being too deep. You know. Cleavage.  So I stitched on a tiny piece of lace.
Nothing special about the back.  Love that it skims the body. Just enough room to be comfortable, but not so much it looks sloppy. 
I sewed this one last spring (as witnessed by the photos before the grass had turned green) and didn't get nearly as much wear out of it as I had thought I would.  Rayon challis was not a recommended fabric, and I have to agree. I think the reason I don't wear it much is because it's too lightweight for this dress. But, I do like the dress.  Enough that I have yet *another* version cut and ready to sew!

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  1. Love your dress. You are getting your money's worth with this pattern.👍🏼

    1. That's for sure! �� Plus I ❤️ that the alterations are already done!

  2. I am not one to sewing the same pattern again either but you're right all the alterations already done, no muslin required and you know it's going to look great is hugely tempting. I have saved many of my patterns though and several times when I've been putting on something I made and LOVE I think to myself, "I should make more of these!" but find myself reaching uncontrollably for the new one to try :) Your dress is gorgeous and you're right too that it's nice to have a dress that skims the body without looking TOO big and sloppy!



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