Thursday, August 03, 2017

Simple Sewing: 1970s Infinity Wrap Dress Pattern Vogue 1640

Sometimes you just need an instant gratification sewing project. That's what this one was.  It's a 1970s Vogue pattern for a wrapped dress (or skirt) that can be worn multiple ways.
 I won't wear it as a dress  but I do plan on using it as a beach cover up!

The pattern is Vogue 1640. The pattern is for a Misses' dress or skirt, scarf and turban with the description of semi-circular, wrapped dress or skirt has attached pleated tie ends (Pattern includes instructions for wearing as a dress, with bodice tied in a variety of ways, or as a skirt.) Semi-circular scarf. Rectangular turban.
There's no copyright date, and I'm guessing 1977 or 1978 as I found it in my Very Easy Vogue Patterns counter book from May 1978.

The pattern was in a large lot of patterns I bought off of eBay oh, maybe 10 years ago. I especially love that tucked inside was a page from a Vogue fashion leaflet the the previous owner had torn out.
Here's the copy from the leaflet.
With the focus on "good fashion and dollar sense" perhaps this design was in response to a sluggish economy. You only needed to spend money on one pattern and fabric to sew one dress. Yet you could wear it many ways for different occasions.

The pattern was only partially cut, leading me to believe that the original owner planned to sew the dress but never got around to it. Oh, how I can relate to that!

The dress is one large pattern piece. It took almost all of the three yards of fabric I had available. It was so large I had to use my floor instead of my cutting table.
The fabric was an ITY knit purchased a few years ago from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  I originally planned on making a maxi dress, but upon arrival I discovered the fabric was quite lightweight and somewhat slippery. It was in my donation pile until I realized it would work well for a swimsuit cover up.

Although it's not labeled as an infinity dress, the instructions included show the multiple ways it can be worn.  Including:

As a skirt with the wrap and tie in front. 
As a skirt with the wrap and tie in back.
As a dress wrapped in front forming a halter.
As a strapless dress with the ties simply tied in the front above the bust.
As a dress with the ties draped over the bust and twisted into a halter.
As a strapless dress with the ties draped over the bust and tied.

Most likely I'll just wrap it around myself as a skirt when I'm at the beach or pool.

Sewing this was so simple! I used a fusible stay tape along the top edge. To hem the edges all I did was serge each raw edge, turn to the wrong side, and stitch.

Life has been busy lately (when is it ever not busy, LOL!) and this project was just what I needed to get a little sewing fix in.

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  1. I love when fabric and a pattern come to together this well. Really well done.

  2. so pretty! and fun to wear such spicy colors under a pair of jeans and a sweater, really the full package



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