Monday, July 04, 2016

Burda 6762 Pullover Top With Emma One Sock Fabric

"Is your neckline ripped?" 
Said my photographer/hubby when I asked him to take a closeup picture of the neckband design detail on this top.  "No," I replied, "it's intentionally sewn this way."

This colorful top is Burda 6762.  It's a pullover hi-lo hem top with three sleeve options and a wide round neckline with different facing options.

I sewed view C (the orange one on the pattern envelope) with the neckline from view B (the white and black one on the pattern envelope). 

This colorful piece of fabric was a roll end from Emma One Sock that I had to have. Maybe you can relate. You're "just browsing" a fabric website for no reason except to see what's available.  Suddenly a piece of fabric jumps out at you. You're not sure what you will do with it, but it must be yours. That's how I ended up with this piece.  My hubby isn't too fond of all the colors, but that's what appealed to me.

When the fabric arrived, I was able to see just how large the repeat was on the fabric. That's when I knew it required something with simple lines so the fabric would take center stage. There wasn't quite enough for a simple summer dress, so it became a top.

I would have liked the black along the lower edge, but I wasn't able to play with the pattern placement much since the roll end yardage was limited. I placed the pattern in a way that I was able to match the pattern stripes along the side seams. 
Sewing the top was fairly simple.  I did not make any pattern adjustments, which was a bit risky on my part as I almost always need an FBA (full bust adjustment).  Fortunately there is enough ease in the bustline that an FBA wasn't needed.
I found the neckline to be very wide, so I ended up stitching the facing and neckband using a 3/8" seam allowance instead of 5/8".  The neckband is a separate piece that is partially sewn, then stitched to the front and back of the neckline. The sleeve caps are cut on the bias.  The back on view C is quite long. 
To finish the bottom, I did a narrow hem. I stitched 1/8"from the edge; turned to the wrong side; stitched 1/8" from the folded edge; turned to the wrong side; stitched in place.  I also switched to a straight stitch needle plate on my sewing machine to help me control the fabric.
This top is so comfy to wear! When I find the right fabric I'll definitely sew myself another one.

Finally, a picture with my sweet old girl. We're not sure how much longer she'll be around (hopefully another year or two!) so I will probably have lots and lots of pictures with her when I post my sewing projects.

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  1. Love this! I just saw this pattern this AM and now I wished I purchased it. Love your version and I can understand the appeal of the fabric!

    1. Thanks Linda! I think that it is a pattern you'd like and its so simple to sew!

  2. What a lovely summer top! Love that neckline detail - makes it a little "different".

    1. Thanks Irene! That's one reason I enjoy sewing - to add those fun little details.

  3. You always pick such pretty prints to use for your projects! Love the print and the top! Happy Birthday!

  4. That's a strikingly gorgeous top! I too wish I had that pattern now, as I'm really drawn to big bold prints that would be perfect for it. Haha on your husband's comment! At least he is paying attention!

  5. Your top is too cute. I went right over and ordered the pattern! Always looking for a top pattern with a bit of distinctive style.



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