Monday, February 15, 2016

Butterick 6169 Linen Blend Moto Jacket

This moto jacket is a sewing project I began in Nov. 2015 and completed in about six weeks.  Not due to the difficulty of the pattern, but because of the multitude of other things taking place in my life severely limited my sewing time.

I've been meaning to sew a moto jacket ever since the Style Arc Ziggi sew-long (two years ago!) but never made time to do so. When reviews started showing up for the Lisette Moto Jacket (Butterick 6169) I decided to give that one a try.   I'm glad I did!  I really like this jacket and enjoyed the sewing process.

The gray metallic/linen/poly blend was purchased last year at my local Hancock Fabrics store. I wasn't 100% sure what I would make with it and am glad I waited as it was the perfect amount of fabric to test the fit of this pattern. Maybe a metallic/linen/poly blend wasn't the best choice due the propensity to wrinkle, but other than that I do like how it turned out. 

I made a small (1/2") FBA and lengthened the jacket by 2" (only because I had a 20" zipper on hand instead of the 18" the pattern called for).  When I sew this again I'll keep the length and lower the bust point slightly. I did forget to lower the pockets when I added length and I have to remember to do that next time.  I found the fit a bit boxier than I anticipated and will make some adjustments for that next time also. 

Inside Construction
That pocket pattern piece looked pretty small so I cut it larger. 
I used Pro-Weft interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply also adding a strip along the hemline.
I added a sleeve head using cotton batting I had on hand. I had a 1/4" shoulder pad in my stash as I always browse the sewing/craft supplies when I visit Tuesday Morning.
An inside pop of color was created by using a silky print fabric I purchased online a few years ago. When it arrived it had multiple wrinkles that would not release no matter what I did!  However it worked great for lining this jacket.  See the color in the pockets?
Before I began sewing the jacket, a quick search revealed Lisette's sew-along for this jacket, including instructions on bagging the lining. I hadn't bagged a lining in years and found the online instructions helpful. No matter how often I bag a lining I have to take my time as it seems counter-intuitive to me. However, if you follow the instructions it will work!

The Jacket
I found the pattern easy to sew with pattern pieces matching nicely.  Without my time restraints I imagine I could have completed this in a weekend.

I won't wear it zipped closed as that's a not a good look on my bodytype.
 And one more look at that fun lining!
The Lisette Moto Jacket, Butterick 6169, is one that I will sew again.
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  1. This looks so good and this is on my to-do list. Thanks for the fitting informations

  2. Gorgeous! The lining and pockets give it that right touch.

  3. Lovely. I think it looks nice zipped up BTW!

  4. This is terrific! The lining is such a sweet detail.

  5. Fantastic! I love that you provided shots of the inner workings...thanks for that! I'm still on the fence about sewing one but this is a push in the right direction.

  6. Your version turned out great Sharon! I like that fabric. I think for my next version I will add length as the jacket does run short. I am a short person, though long waisted and found it short on me. I already have my spring fabric ready for this one.

  7. Sharon, I'd love to feature your jacket on the blog this Friday. Ok to use post one of your photos?



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