Saturday, December 05, 2015

Sew It All Vol. 9 Faux Leather and Knit Skirt

Many of my design samples I've sewn for Sew It All magazine are too small for me to wear.  Since the contributors receive their designs back from the publisher once the magazine hits the news stands (yay! as I've discovered that's not the case with all publications) I would tuck them in my closet not wanting to donate them, yet unable to wear them.  Like these two "Cool Combo" faux leather and knit skirts from Sew It All Volume 9.

The fabric for the gray skirt was supplied from
The orange skirt was sewn with fabric from my stash. 
I planned on remaking the skirts larger so I could wear them.  But then it hit me! I have nieces that are the perfect size for the magazine design samples I've been sewing!

Here is one of my beautiful nieces wearing the orange "Cool Combo" skirt from the magazine.   It was a cold, blustery Chicago day and she ended up donning her boyfriend's sweatshirt. But she still looks adorable.
If you don't have a copy of Sew It All Volume 9 it can still be purchased online. As I write this, it appears to be on sale - and there is a digital copy available also.

Instructions to sew the skirt are included in the Sew It All Volume 9 magazine and the skirt pattern can be downloaded from the Sew It All website.

And as great as that orange skirt looks on my niece, I kept the gray one for myself. With a new (larger) waist I believe it will be a great addition to my winter wardrobe.

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  1. Cute skirts and it looks so good on her!

  2. Thanks! I like it on her also!



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