Monday, November 30, 2015

Style Arc Fern Review: A pullover top with asymmetrical front wrap

I sewed this Style Arc Fern when winter was coming to an end last year. I recall at the time it was too cold to wear it without a jacket or cardi over it, and as summer came and went I found I only wore it twice.

That's no fault of the design though as I'm really liking Style Arc patterns.  It just doesn't fit quite right. It's a bit large in the neckline/shoulder area and I find myself constantly adjusting it through out the day.  I made this was when I was still trying to figure out the size I needed to sew for Style Arcs. I've since realized it is better for me to begin a size smaller and do an FBA .

The pullover top is designed for woven fabrics and has a full asymmetrical front wrap. No worries if the wind catches a corner as you're still covered!  There are small side darts and the slight drop shoulder sleeves are cut in one. I eliminated the keyhole opening in the  back as I found the neckline is wide enough to pull over my head without the additional opening.
Per usual Style Arc, the pattern is drafted beautifully, but the instructions are a bit sparse.  I liked the extra notch on the front pattern piece with produces those front mitered corners very easily.

The fabric I used was purchased locally from SR Harris Fabric Warehouse about a year ago. It's a woven with a small amount of stretch.  I loved the floral pattern on the black background and thought it would work nicely on this top.

As mentioned, the front has two complete front pieces. I went back and forth as to which part of the design I wanted to show, finally deciding on one floral with multiple stems.
The instructions for the neck and back facing can be a bit confusing but it does produce a nice polished finish.

While I don't find that I wear this one as often as I thought I would I do plan on sewing this again now that I know what adjustments to make for a better fit.

Another winner from Style Arc! 

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  1. This is such a lovely top. Love the placement of the floral design. It's a shame that you don't wear it much. Would keepers that attach to your straps and keep the neckline in place make this more wearable?

    1. Irene, I can't believe I never thought of that! Thanks for the suggestion as that just may solve the reason I rarely wear this! Thanks!

  2. This is an amazing piece of fabric, just right for this top.



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